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Default midairmatthew's bag

Years playing/experience: 16, but about four years since making some big form changes.
Right/left-handed/ambidextrous: Right
Throwing Style: 50/50 RHBH/RHFH
Golf Distances: Wizard: Up to 250'; MD3: Up to 300'; FD: Up to 350'; Orc: Up to 375'

Age: 34
Sex: M
Other sport proficiencies?: Tennis.

Extra background: For the longest time, I threw everything forehand except fan-gripped Roc approaches and putters. If you ever crossed paths with me on a course in North Dakota between 2004 and 2012, I was the tall skinny guy FH hyzer-flipping an assortment of iDye Champ Valks. A 300' FH hyzer-flipped Valk was something I could do almost immediately after starting to play, and then it remained basically all I ever did... It was just a tennis forehand to me. But it also prevented me from actually learning how to play disc golf for a really long time. About four years ago I started watching form videos and ACTUALLY USING A DANG POWER-GRIP for drivers, and I got up to my current backhand distance pretty quickly. And now I'm stuck there. I just switched from Comet/Roc to MD/MD3—I'm throwing mids with a power-grip now, too, just to reduce variables, and these beadless guys feel better and come out cleaner. Last year, I also switched from a one-finger to two-finger forehand grip, and that added around 25' once I got it figured out. (Eagle's YouTube video about FH helped SO much for me.) Anyway, this isn't a form critique thread...just wanted to give a little more background.

Specific areas of desired feedback: Any and all. On the course, I don't feel like I have any gaps, and it's easy for me to choose a disc for a given shot. But I'd love to hear recommendations that would further pare down my bag OR add to it.

Immediate and long-term goals: I feel like this isn't super bag-related, but distance. It's frustrating to be able to hit serves and groundstrokes in tennis that put me toward the upper end of "amateur" ability, but not be able to throw a disc 400' without a big tailwind.


167g PFN Star Orc (newish / weirdly OS for an Orc) - Headwind distance.
165g PFN Champ Orc (newish / hyzer-flips into a predictable turn-and-fade distance line) - Max distance 375' BH. 325' low/straight FH lines with a forward-fading finish.
175g 2017 Sexton Firebird (beat) - Straight FH (up to 300') with that predictable Firebird finish.
175g 2017 Sexton Firebird (newish) - FH lines that I need to fight harder out of an anny or get a bigger skip. Goes more like 285' for me, since it wants to fade much earlier than my beat Firebird.
175g C-Line FD2 (fresh) - A little less distance and a little more fade than the Royal Rage. Rarely throw this guy.
170g Color Glow C-Line Royal Rage FD2 (slightly beat) - BH/FH for straight 300-335' lines with a reliable fading finish.
175g S-Line FD (fresh) - If there's a slight headwind (or chance of losing it), I'll throw this instead of the below FD.
165g S-Line FD (slightly beat) - This is what I throw for all BH 300-350' shots if it's not windy and I don't need the extra FD2 fade. (Discmania, please make some more 165g S-Line FDs for me!)
175 D-Line FD (slightly beat) - Standstill distance and super uphill shots. I can throw it on a hyzer-flip and it'll finish flat after a big turn, but I'll usually opt for a forehand if possible, so this guy is more a "get out of trouble" disc.

180g Neo Method (newish) - Only throw this if there's a headwind and I need "more than Harp less than FD2" distance. Doesn't need to be in the bag if it's not windy.
180g Color Glow C-Line Crowned Eagle MD3 (slightly beat) - I throw this up to 300', but only if I'm a little worried about slight wind, over-turning an MD on a low line, or need a little more fade on a low line than my MD would give me.
180g Luster C-Line MD (slightly beat) - Dead straight up to 300' BH / 280' FH. Gosh I love this disc.

175g BT Hard Harp (newish) - This was out of the bag for a bit, but it's just so dang easy both BH and FH if I need 200-250' with some fade.
175g Special Blend 16 Wizard (quite beat) - Low-power straight lines, hyzer-flip to gentle turn with a flat finish up to 250', putts longer than 50'.
175g Organic Wizard (slightly beat) - 250' hyzer-flipped straight lines, glidey "get around stuff" approaches in the rare occasion the Harp line won't do, drop-in "second" putts so I don't have to use a mini.
175g Organic Wizard (fresh) - Putting up to 50'.

In the Bag for Woods Courses Disc:
175g Champion iDye JK 5x Valkyrie (beat to hell) - I'll take out my Star Orc and drop this guy in. I've had it nearly since I started playing. For narrow 300-325' fairways, I forehand this pretty gently on a slight hyzer, and it flies and finishes flat. Or I can give it a little snap, and it'll wander about 10' to the left and finish flat. Totally useless in the wind. I'd be absolutely crushed if I ever lost this disc.
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So in disc golf, there's this thing that happens when you say something is easy. And it just happened to me. My Harp now rests peacefully in a real gross pond.

I guess my Champ Rhyno is back in the bag for now.
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I think biggest thing for you would be to add an US distance driver. These are going to get you the extra D you want. Look at something like a crank/tern/sword/sergeant/etc. These will help get to the 400' mark, if you are throwing the orcs 375'
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