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Have you tried a QJLS?
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Originally Posted by Mocheez View Post
Have you tried a QJLS?
I’ve never thrown a millennium disc. By the numbers it looks a lot swingier
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This thread scares me, I really don't know what I'll do if I lose my bomber star Teebird. The pic below is my star Teebird from years ago vs. a really beefy champ. This has got to be on the very extreme ends of each stability, the star I will typically throw 350' and on crushes it will get to 375'. The champ will be in the 315-330' range, it goes as far as my mids in general. I have never thrown a Brinster bird but I can't imagine a Teebird being much more OS than this champ, it is more HSS than most Thunderbirds and I can FH it full power on a pure hyzer.

Plastic should matter for wear pattern but the PLH should be the biggest thing for flight, as this star is less stable than most Gstars. When the GStar Teebirds came out, the couple I tried flew just like my star bird, but the last couple I have thrown hooked up noticeably sooner into flight than I remember them doing. Maybe it's just that they are fresh so it's the new disc fade, but they are definitely a bit more stable than my star...yet certainly nowhere near this beast of a champ. I have also seen several very old/beat champs that hyzer flip like an FD, so I really think it depends on specific PLH and if stars or champs are trending more or less stable at the time of release/molding.

You can definitely compare PLH between your Estar and Gstar Teebirds, they are the same mold. See if there is a slight difference or if it's mostly the dome, and compare to your most stable Teebird. If you can go to a store take your lowest PLH bird to compare and try to find the lowest they have. I bet this star is on the low end of PLH possibilities, so I would try to find the lowest possible. You have other discs for headwinds and flex shots, but if you want a bomber straight Teebird this is the one.

The Rival is the only disc I have tried that flies so close to a mellow Teebird. I haven't thrown them side by side, but the few I have thrown I felt I could put straight in my bag. If they have more or less glide, and how they beat exactly I can't tell you, but again it is the closest I have thrown. I am not sure if the new ones are more stable though. A TL is another option, I would say they are closer to -0.5/1.5. They have a fade at the lowest end of the Teebird spectrum, and HSS at higher end of the FD spectrum...I've never tried a 2nd run though. You can pretty much smash it flat and it might drift slightly then come back with a sweep, when they are new they are stable enough that you don't really need to hyzer flip them. Every time I have thrown a TL I have really liked it, it's like a beefy FD but not a too much fade type beefy, or a Teebird that wants to push right a touch.

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Originally Posted by Keller View Post

Well, it's not like any other companies are much better. Their may be some differences, but let me tell you about my Experiences with Trilogy and Discraft fairway drivers! I'll stick with Innova for that slot.
Ill agree with you on trilogy. And discraft is only known for their mids for a reason..
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I used to be afraid of losing my beat champ TB.

Now I cycle DX Teebirds and don't even throw my champ one. They start out pretty stable and glidey, and are really fun to hyzer-flip once they beat in.

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Originally Posted by discreid View Post
I used to be afraid of losing my beat champ TB.

Now I cycle DX Teebirds and don't even throw my champ one. They start out pretty stable and glidey, and are really fun to hyzer-flip once they beat in.
Mine have all been pretty consistent too.

FWIW, I went on a 'replacement Teebird' quest a while ago.. after trying all the usual suspects.. I went back to Teebirds. Although, the Crave is a good candidate.. too bad mine got chewed up by a dog, could have been fun to get to know it more.

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Originally Posted by Yxebrew View Post
Has this not been you’re experience?
Not yet, but I've only been on Escapes for ~1 year. I picked up Escapes as a "beat in" TeeBird replacement. If you want/need something more stable, you'll need something else.

Before that, I was dedicated to Teebirds for 8-10 years...
So, I do have a lot more experience with TeeBirds, but like the results of the Escapes more.

Consider the changes in my arm speed, playing frequency, and advancements in plastic types/quality/durability over that same ~10 year period...

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Pinnacle patriot has 0 turn when new and it took a whole season to develop som drift and flip up at 330 ft drives. It has the least fade with such hss ive tried! Including dx teebird,3 craves,rival.

I also got a icon patriot but its brand new so it got some fade. Still carrys forward 30 ft longer then expected!

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Hey, I haven't seen this mentioned yet, but a fresh DX teebird is a great glidey teebird. Sure, as they beat in they lose LSS and gain even more glide. However, initially I find that they do have a reliable fade and if you snag a domier one and/or one in 166-169g, monster glide.

Get you some. Worst case scenario you replace them often and have the pleasure of bagging:

Firebird or other OS fairway / star teebird or fresh DX teeb / fresh DX teeb / beat DX teeb / more beat DX teeb or other US fairway

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Originally Posted by ian.w View Post
Even though it's a great disc, it isn't going to fit OP's needs. Straight to fade with solid HSS.
If you haven't tried one, just get a star teebird. Also keep an eye out for used teebird so, even beat up champs go as far as star. But honestly I don't know why you don't just get another echo star. They're still available. Currently a few just slightly above retail prices on eBay.
Cool story. I bag Leopards and Teebirds in various stages of wear, and I can quite emphatically ensure that a fresh Star Leopard performs VERY similarly to a beat Teebird.

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