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Default Teebird or Teebird3

So, I'm looking to replace my lost Teebird and am curious as to how the Teebird3 compares. The numbers say a tic faster and with a hair less glide, but how do they really stack up? I admit that I am a fan of the "3" series of discs. The flat top feels nice. And yes, other brands have their own version of the Teebird, some even flat top. But how do these two compare with each other?
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I haven't thrown recent ones, but when I have tried a couple they are Teebirds to me. I wouldn't give them any different ratings, they fall within normal Teebird stabilities, etc. The downside is that I haven't got to try a star Teebird3 if they even exist, and the champs that I have seen were all hard to find dark colors. I'd choose based on feel in hand or wing height of the specific disc, rather than Innova giving the Teebird3 different numbers for marketing. It's certainly not halfway between Teebird and Thunderbird, in my small experience Teebird3 was same flight as Teebird whereas Thunderbird is noticeably different. If you want a super flat Teebird then Rival is also an option, as the few that I've thrown were flat and flew just light a mild Teebird.

Edit: I see you already bag a Rival from your sig.
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I didn't care for the Champ TB3 I tried, it was a not very glidy and want super stable to compensate either. The Old Star TBs are still the best.
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My Mcbeth TB3 flies pretty much the same as all of the other teebirds I've thrown (which isn't many). I've heard gstar tb3's are pretty straight, but haven't tried one of those yet.
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I also agree that they are almost interchangeable. If we wanted to be specific I would say the teebird3 has just a bit more OAT resistance because of the higher speed, but only really noticeable when cranked FH. I have heard that the teebird3 tend to beat in losing LSS more so then the loss in HSS of the normal teebird. MF teebird3 seemed to be the best of any TB3 though they went OOP except for special runs

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I only have experience with a GStar Teebird3 & the newest McBeth MF Teebird3. I'd say the MF is straighter than a stock Champion Teebird when I throw it at 80% power. When thrown with less power it's similar to a regular Teebird, with a little less glide. I can throw a Teebird3 a little farther than a regular Champion Teebird. The MF is in my bag right now, I'm still experimenting with it. I don't know if it's going to have a permanent spot. I don't like the GStar. I can't speak on how they beat in.
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It's exactly that. T3 is a tick faster but less glide, I use the T3 usually on longer courses or with a little wind as its easy to pipe it on a line and know its gonna ride that stable line well. Reg Teebird has more dome, more glide, less speed, I feel the 2 T3's I have are generally more OS than reg teebirds but not by much, the main diff I find is there is LESS Turn with a T3 even when worn in (I have max wt champ T3 tho). I like both so it always depends but if I HAD to choose, I go T3 because I find it easy to range, nice to rip hard and trust, I feel I know when its gonna fade -

sometimes I carry both, but now I carry a Volt and a T3 as the Volt has a little more turn and flips up to straight and rides a mile its like having a seasoned Teebird and a really beefy one.
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I, too was wondering about the T3. It sounds like they fly a lot like my Nybo Teebird. For whatever reason, that Nybo Teebird comes out of the hand a bit faster, but glides less. Maybe it just needs a few more tree hits, but I'm liking it for tunnel shots right now. Maybe I'll check a T3 out after that thing starts to show some wear.
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I have a beat G*Teebird for medium rollers and higher annies. I traditionally don't like g* so this is out of my bag once I get another that beat. Next is a somewhat beat Teebird for longer annies plus low flip to straight. A mfT3 has been my go to for power straight with late fade, and lastly a KJ for my more overstable Teebird shots.

I like the way the MFT3 feels in my hand. I bought it to be an overstable disc and it wasn't that so it has taken the place of my coveted 11x that is dead straight and I don't want to lose it. Similar dome.

If they come out with a T3 in KJ plastic that may be exactly what I want once it takes some wear.

I have been throwing Teebirds for what, 20 years. I like most of them and am really pleased with the T3 at least in mf.
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Been throwing the McBeth T3 lately to try it out and I am pleasantly surprised. It is not as Overstable as a regular champ teebird. I havent liked any recent runs of teebirds because they are all just too overstable to be called a teebird. To me the T3 fixed that a bit where I can see that it would beat into a nice straight flyer.
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