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1 ESP Venom
3 Forces (1 new Ti for super overstable, 1 new ESP for somewhat overstable, 1 beat ESP for windy helix)
3 ESP Nukes (1 new for more stable distance, 1 beat for turnover D and rollers, 1 150 class for tailwind booms and monster D)
3 Opto Strikers (1 new, 1 semi beat, 1 super beat)
2 Opto Tridents (1 new for utility, super hyzer and sidearm rollers, 1 for all overstable midrange shots)
3 Buzzz's (1 max weight Z for overstable ending shots that don't need to end as overstable as the Trident, 1 FLX for straight shots, 1 X for understable)
4 Spikes (2 max weight Zero Lines for putting only, 1 new max weight Grip for driving and stable approach shots, 1 beat max weight Grip for understable drives and understable approaches)

7 molds, 19 discs
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Originally Posted by tbird888 View Post
Are they approved by plastic or by mold?
I thought it was by mold, but after the "too stiff" medium Wizard debacle, I'm not so sure anymore.
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4 rocs
3 wizards
3 teebirds
4 destroyers
2 firebirds
2 eagles
2 Valks
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1. BB Aviar*
2. Comet*
3. Wasp
4. Leopard*
5. Teebird
6. PD
7. Destroyer*

*Would carry both a premium and beat pro/x plastic version
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Can I carry a Yeti and McPro Aviar and count them as one mold? They are both Aviars.

Can I cary a Champ Starfire and a Pro Starfire and count them as one mold? They both say "Starfire" on the stamp.
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Originally Posted by g2avity View Post
Go this idea from the McBeth stickied thread. If there were a 7 mold/25 disc limit to your bag...what would you carry? Explain below. I've gotta work on mine...so I'll get back to you on that.
Besides my normal bag, more water if it were hot out.
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Crap. Well, dump the anodes for moar wizzzrds.
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The idea of a mold limit is silly though because of all the different types of shots that you can attempt.

Also when you say mold... would you have to split the Roc's into all the molds...or a TL/Teebird/Teebird +/TL+ or Eagle X/Eagle L

Are SDS Destroyer, Avery, or Destrulcans all the same "mold?" even though clearly they were made on different machinery?

This thread made me think about my TL's Love them and carry a straight star and a overstable champ...but could I get away with 3 leopards instead of 2 TL's and 1 Leopard?

What I would carry without knowing what "mold" would constitute:
Pro - Understable (man putter)
Pro - Stable
Glow/XG - Overstable

Esp - Overstable Mid

X - Buzzz understable
FLX - beat stable
Glow - slightly overstable

Firebird -
Star 12x - overstable fairway for Rollers, Flick, BH, Thumbers
Glow/Flat Champ - More overstable

Eagle -X (Or a variety of Teebirds)
(speed of eagles handles flicks better than the overstable leopards below)
OLD KC Pro - BH Rollers
Beat gummy glow 2011 era
New gummy glow 2011 era

Leopard -
Glow - slightly overstable
Star - Straight
Beat Pro - Understable

Destroyer - Understable to super overstable based on the disc/plastic
Star - Flippy, straight, overstable
SDS Poptop - SUPER overstable
------------------19 discs---------------------------------

Additional Molds I carry:
Buzzz SS
BEAT SE teebird-L - uphill turnovers, hyzer flips that dont come back
X-link ridge
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7 mold/25 disc limit
4 Wizards; 2 Soft: one worn in 175g, one freshy 175g. 2 SSS: one worn in 175g, one freshy 175g.
3 Wasps; 2 Z: one beat in 178g, one freshy 178g. 1 Ti: one Flat freshy 178g.
3 Gazelles; 2 DX: one beat in, one worn in. 1 Champ Glo: Freshy
4 Surges; 2 ESP: one worn 165g, one worn 172g. 2 Z: one worn 172g, one freshy 172g.
2 Predators; 2 Z: one beat in 174g, one freshy 174g.
2 Leopards; 2 Pro: one worn 175g, one freshy 175g
7 Buzzzes; 1 Z: one beat 178g. 1 FLX: one destroyed 178g. 1 Glo Z: one worn 178g. 1 ESP: one freshy 178g. 1 Cryztal Z: one beat 178g. 1 Pro D: one destroyed 178g. 1 Ti: one freshy 178g.

Really though.... I'd only use the glo buzzz. The rest are to fill the bag lol.
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PP2 x 3-4
Zone x2, Z, D
Comet x 3 Z,X, ESP
FD x 2 C,S
PD x 5 P, C, 3-S
Destroyer x4 2 star, 1 champ, 1 pro
FB x2 champ, flat star
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