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Westside designs their own molds and they are made by Latitude. Seems like a great partnership as Westside can concentrate on design instead of manufacturing.

I have had a Warship and Tursas in the bag for a couple weeks and have been very happy. I have a few of their other molds on the way as well.

I agree that their stamps are some of my favorite and the idea behind their discs names is really creative. I look forward to seeing what the new discs shape up to be.
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Westside's relationship to Lat 64 is pretty apparent in their glide happy, easy to throw discs. I initially fell for them via the Underworld - it was exactly what I was looking for in a turnover fairway driver, and I only continue fall more in love with it. Very controllable and predictable for how understable it is. A max weight VIP and a lighter Tournament Underworld will cover a lot of lines.

I started throwing the Stag because it was such a great compliment to the Underworld: similar feel in the hand, equally easy to throw. In all, I love their fairways to death. Smooth throwing, easy distance, yet not as finicky as some Lat discs I've thrown.

I feel like they don't have as many fans as Lat or DD, or perhaps get overlooked as a little sibling because Lat manufactures them, but I think they're not to be underestimated. I could probably throw an all Westside bag no sweat.
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Warships n Underworlds are $$$$$$$
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Couldn't live without my Giant, Sword, and Warship. Also bag the Stag and Tursas. Lots of fans of the Boatman and Northman. And those who putt with Swans swear by them.
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I bought a Northman for $5 when I first started playing 18 months ago, it was a good disc and the plastic felt great but I gave it to a friend that started playing right after me.
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Tournament and VIP Stags will never leave my bag. I keep one of each, and just picked up a pretty purple Tournament with a purple stamp today. The tournament versions are slightly flippy, and the VIPs a little more stable.

Underworld is awesome in that it never fades out, it holds an annie forever.

Warship is one of the most versatile long-mid/short-fairway available

I'm not the biggest fan of the Tursas, it is a utility disc for me, but my buddy standing snaps his almost 300' straight.

The Swedish mafia (Lat 64, DD, Westside) is a killer combo, you can mix and match their designs and plastics to build your perfect bag. Their plastic and consistency are infallible at this point in time.

VERDICT: The Finn's can make a d@mn fine disc!
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I've never owned a L64 disc.

Bought the Northman with two left arms when it came out, its never left the bag.
King joined it a while back, also permabagged now.
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I love westside! The only discs not westside in my bag are rocs, coyotes, pds and voodoos. The underworld, stag, warship, tursas, and sword are awesome molds. Can't go wrong with these guys.
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The other great thing about westside is how nice they pair with lat and dd. sword has good reviews, as does Warship (I prefer the RGL Mace and Fuse for my mid duties), but the underworld is really a shining spot for them. I feel it does the river better than the river. A bit more understable so it kills on annhyzers, but it also hyzerflips like a boss! Super useful!

I swear by the Trespass, and will be buying a sword to complement it!
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Giant is my favorite stable driver. A glidy destroyer? Can't complain! And the king as a awesome understable disc. Love throwing huge rollers and big annys. Just got a sword and really liking it kinda seems like a trespass with less fade. Westside has a lot of great molds to over, gotta just try em out!
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