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Originally Posted by Kodachrome View Post
The only logical conclusion I can come to is that only grip really effects the spin imparted to the disc for any given speed. all that matters is how much of a pinch you've got at the end and where that fulcrum is located. The style of the throw does not enter the equation. Less of a pinch force or inward on the disc=less spin. More of a pinch force or outward on the disc=more spin. However, I think we can all agree that you want to be gripping the disc close to the rim, not out on the flight plate, so I think the argument is impractical. And a loose grip+high launch speed equals early release, also undesirable. So really the question isn't can you consciously influence how much spin is imparted....It's a question of how to produce the most spin for any given throw. And that is simple. Create as fast a hand speed as possible and hang on as tight as you can.

This would only be true if the fulcrums all moved on the same path, but they do not. Fast hand speed straight forward will create zero spin. The disc needs to be moving very fast on a straight-ish line before the contact point is pulled off this line. The quicker the contact point is pulled off line, the faster the spin. The are no free lunches, so some of the forward momentum is robbed and translated into spin. The amount of energy needed to create spin is less than the energy needed to create flight speed, so not a terrible big deal.

Different styles of throws move off line at different rates. It's not about conscious control of how much spin is being imparted, it is about the entire movement chosen and performed.

As far as holding on as tight as I can, I have very good grip strength, the disc is not leaving my hand.... Period.
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Originally Posted by wolfmandragon View Post
Watch the Swedish throwers on slow motion and you will see a loose wrist. A locked wrist saps power out of any movement. The wrist is loose up until the hit, then it goes firm.
Experiment with it, try locking your wrist before the back swing and see what it does to the disc. The tension of locking your wrist will spread to your shoulder.
If it was easy to have the timing down perfect, we would all be pros. It takes some students years to learn how to do the proper loose tight loose sequence needed to perform a proper strike. I am using a strike, something that is much easier measured, to show what I mean here.
Several top distance throwers have said they throw with a "locked wrist". The wrist can be somewhat locked into a position before the throw without much strain because there is no momentum on the disc yet. It's only when the momentum increases that firmness increases to somewhat resist bending and loads. A firmer spring that moves less can load and unload more momentum.
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