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Is that Valley View course in WI? I ask because I live 15 minutes from a course called Valley View. I personally have three tomahawk aces. I've witnessed a thumber ace. When I was in high school I threw a lot of tomahawks. All of mine are 275' or less. Two of mine where nothing but chains. One of them was a skip shot. I still throw tomahawk a decent amount but way less than when I was a teenager. One of my tomahawk aces (I was 16) was at leagues for like $150. I'm not very good at throwing thumbers though, never have been.
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I have two thumber aces. One on a 256ft hole over the top of the trees(100ft high) dropped straight in the basket. Second is in a shorty 200ft dog leg right once agin straight down. I've also had a few hit the basket. I've really cut back on thumbers since I have become proficient at forehand.
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Originally Posted by Dire Wolfy View Post
It would be cool to see a roller ace on video.
I've almost gotten one myself, the course nearest to me (Sawmills Veterans Park) on hole 8 from the red tees has two trees that sort of fork just in front of the basket, can run it between the trees with a tight hyzerflip with a short range disc, but have done thumb rollers with a mid range and there is a small root on the ground in between, had one pop up off the root and graze the chains. Would be hard to imagine getting a longer range backhand roller for an ace, but a thumb or flick roller at course that leans shorter but technical it's totally doable.
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Originally Posted by BuiltTooLong View Post
I've witnessed several thumber aces as well as tomahawk
Same here.
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When I was a kid I would sit around dreaming of the perfect miniature golf course I would build one day when I became rich. Now I sit around thinking about the disc golf course I would build. One of the holes would be catered specifically to giving people a roller ace option. There would be a flat/slightly downhill hole about 200'-300' with large maples/oaks lining both sides of the fairway with low hanging branches. The clearest line would be a very low shot straight at the basket. However, there would also be a ramp built about 10'-15' in front of the basket (would have to do testing to figure out the appropriate distance). Hopefully, the hole would encourage people to go for the roller ace (and I imagine quite a few would).
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Originally Posted by BraveThrower43 View Post
beat-up 11x Firebird ... think that was the second ace of the year for it too

been using a metal flake c-line FD3 for my less overstable thumbers the last year and a half or so
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My new goal is a turbo ace.

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I have witnessed 2. First was my doubles partner, got me 100$. Second was a casual round. Buddy threw a terrible backhand at a hole and i said "why didnt you thumber it". So he tried that as a second shot and str8 into the bucket. Pretty funny. Didnt count lol
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