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CCDG is great and I really appreciate all they do for our sport. However, Jomez is where it's at. Can't put my finger on a specific item that make Jomez better but it just seems like it is. Really wish they could cover everything.

For now, I really like the hole review on every round. Why? Because I use Jomez videos to show off tournaments to folks who may or may not be interesting in trying disc golf. No one is going to watch all the rounds of MPO especially if they aren't DG nerds like us. Besides, I usually only watch the last round of tourney coverage as it is so I personally love having the hole flyovers.

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Idk, the drone fly-over thing can be redundant, but for some of us, we didn't watch R1. So watching R3 and seeing the course for the first time, it's a good thing to have. I guess it's like a tee sign: Do I really need to see a map of the hole every time I step up to the tee? No, but the group of newbs behind me might.

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Jomez is on top atm, love the overall great camera work and editing, shot trackers and other little touches, and love nate esp as a commentator.
An improvement I'd really like would be shot maps after the hole is played, like par save productions do here, eg. at 3.36. It's not always easy to understand where the discs end up just from video and commentary so that's really informative.

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Hey wow! Havent watched any of theirs yet but now I sure am going to. Great idea. Also the throw 1,2,3,4 graphic is pretty nice. Sometimes you can get confused as to how many their are in, especially if scrambling badly in the thickets.
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I would like to see Jomez make more videos in the off season. Even if they are just fun videos like pros playing 1 disc rounds or best shot mixed doubles.

I would also like to see Jomez get lead card coverage at every tournament. Last I checked Jomez's second card coverage was getting more views than CCDG's lead card coverage.

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Those shot maps are a very time-consuming thing to record and map for each player, each hole. Which is exactly why PSP doesn't do 24 hour turnarounds on videos. It's a nice touch, and something that separates PSP from JMP and CCDG, but the latter turn around 24 hour event videos for us, which is HUGE.

It might be fun little touch to add to content like Champs vs. Chumps (for CCDG) or other videos that either JMP/CCDG aren't trying to get out within 24 hours, though.
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Jomez is the sole reason (ok and the other channels too) that DG is gaining as much exposure as it is. Putting a professional face and format on this sport gives it an air of officiality it was lacking before.

Also huge props to Nate Sexton, who is a class act and is a PERFECT ambassador. Well spoken, insightful and good sense of humor that is BALANCED so it makes it fun without being overdone or seem like trying too hard.

Amazing job and it just keeps getting better every day. Cheers to the whole Jomez production crew and their families!

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I just finished watching JMP coverage of MVP Open at Maple Hill.....great job fellas, commentary and coverage...
I enjoy the flyovers during the first round, especially on courses I have not thrown....not so much on the other rounds, but I get why it is done, so I can live with it...perhaps skip the flyovers on the 2nd round only....or every other round

When I am seeking out DG video to watch, I tend to gravitate towards Jomez videos, although I have watched the other guys as well, Nate and Jerm are a good duo for commentary...I have a friend here in MS that has a son out in Kansas, the son went to watch Ledgestone, and specifically mentioned the guys from Jomez, and how good a job they did at getting the footage AND not being a huge distraction to the players...keep up the good work...

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I gotta admit that after a few videos where it was Nate and somebody else, and then now hearing him and Jerm again, while they do have some good banter too, it just reminded me that Jerm is not always my favorite to listen to.
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Side note regarding video coverage: It was cute/funny at first, but the AJ and gang drone dances or whatever are past their prime.

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