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Sooo.... .This happened this morning https://discgolfuk.uk/two-world-firs...tEIGUKge5oWuWE
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Hole 12 at Valmont DGC. Champ Leo.

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Originally Posted by roggenb3 View Post
Aced Lakeview hole 1 yesterday.

190', a bit uphill, maybe plays like 205'. Ace #32.

Literally the entire course was ice. All the snow was frozen enough to run and slide on. So the whole round was basically the 1 leg drill, after finding a footprint to wedge my foot in.
Did this again last night. First time at LV with my regular disc shoes/clothes this season. First throw - ace!

Much nicer than the last one - this time was my more beat Tank right at it on a rope. This is the first time I've hit the same hole twice, at the same tee/basket spots.

I disced all the way up to a leo for the earlier one on the ice.

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I had one at a pitch and putt style course back in March. It never hit the chains though. It got into the basket on a steep hyzer and just stuck. Ugliest sound I have ever heard, something between a clank and a thud. I thought for sure I broke the disc but it was fine.

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Cedar Hills again, 14 this time. I am walking up to the bench and I see a penny on the ground, mention to everyone I found my lucky penny. It was tails up, no matter I grab it and pocket it. Last guy to throw in in a group of 5. Claymore goes off as normal, little under stable, missing the trees on the right and then it starts tracking for the basket.... correct height, I mention that it would be nice if it went in and the penny did the rest. It's drops after hitting the chains and I am sure it stuck but the bottom of the basket is blocked from view by the crest of the hill. 30 steps later the proof is sitting in the basket. Second time I have got this hole and the 3rd ace with the Claymore on that course.

Next hole I asked if anyone needed to use the penny, they laughed and lined up to rub the penny, no aces. The luck is gone I guess.

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I hit career ace #9 Thursday at Loutsis Park in Carnation, WA during our weekly dubs tourney on hole 5. It was my 3rd tournament ace worth $160. That came out to almost a buck a foot...180ft, RHBH.

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Default Lifetime Ace #8, First Day of Dretzka

Aced hole 5 of the Dretzka Park summer course this afternoon! Pin Position A (marker hadn't been changed from "C" from the prior year), 262 FT RHFH straight hyzer drive with a 170g Champion Starfire, which is by far the longest ace I've ever hit!

Coolest part of it - Milwaukee County just installed Dretzka's baskets this morning, so as far as I am aware, this was the first ace of the season for the course!

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Not really that amazing, but trivia: Got my first ever Black Ace today. My buddy and I safari from the 10th basket to the 11th at Woodland Mound when it's muddy and there's no one on the back nine. We try out out our rollers, try to go around the cedars to the left, or (like I did today), flex a line drive under the cedar branches. Drilled the chains on basket 15!

...oddly enough, when we actually got to the real hole 15, i missed acing it by less than a foot left of the chains.

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2nd true witnessed ace today.
Taylor Mtn #9 long. http://dgcour.se/7196
Short is 190ish I think long is ~250. Weave through a couple trees and rollaway potential.
I normally throw a pure in the short and when I didn’t see the basket had to think do I throw the pure longer or switch to a mid? Switched and made the right choice.
Guy on the card asked if someone would go spot ... blind basket lots of rollaway potential.
I said I would throw and go spot with what I hoped wasn’t a jinx myself level of confidence.
Out of my hand it was the line I wanted and when it made the trees at about 170’ out I was excited. One of the guys said “listen for it” and I gave it a second nothing so I turned to grab my bag hoping it didn’t sail too long and heard the chain smash.
One of the other guys says “oh they’re putting out on 4
Damn I was so excited I grab my bag to go spot and the guy who just finished on four start yelling at me about a great shot and congrats on the ace. Woot!
Good turn as it was on the way to my best score ever on the course at -9 under.

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I hit hole 10 at my place short LHBH hyzer hook.. Only 160 maybe but the Comet got it done. Nothing spectacular but it ended the drought.

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