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Beat in Star Aviar for throwing
Fresh Hard Pure for putts

Mako3 in Star and Champ
Claymore in Opto

Valkyrie in Star and Pro
Maul in Recycled, Gold and Opto
Thunderbird in Pro

This is only 11 discs, my bag holds 13+4 (Lat 64 Easy Go). I'm a lower power thrower so I don't have anything more stable than the Thunderbird (lost my Saint Pro recently). If it's windy I'm screwed, but I play mostly wooded courses. I'm liking my current quiver. I sometimes rotate in a Buzz, Hatchett or Underworld depending on the course.

My favorite driver is my beat in Pro Valkyrie, but the Lat 64 Maul in recycled is a close second.
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I feel 25 discs is extremely excessive for 7 molds. I only bag about 16 discs total anyways.
7 molds is easy... only need about 10 discs here

Kastaplast Reko K3 - 2 (1 for throwing, 1 for putting)
DC MJ Z Comet - 1
DC Z Wasp - 2 (1 Beat and understable, one new and overstable)
DC Z Zombee - 1
Innova Star Valkyrie - 1
Innova Star Archon - 1
Innova Star Destroyer - 2 (Stable, Overstable)
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(6) wizards
(3) Rocs
(2) Leopards
(2) Eagles
(2) RRs
(2) Vikings

Niced: (2)
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(2) Pair of firms for putting
(2) Pure white (fresh and straight)
(1) Old soft beat and covered

(1) K2 for all approach

K1 Gote
(2) fresh and beat (only imagining they will be sweet beat)

K1 Kaxe
(2) Fresh and straight

(3) 1 super beef embossed, 1 straighter 1 beat 7th run (took the pred out to season the embossed and dont really miss it yet)

(1) fresh C Line
(2) broken in/beat S line)

(2) C-Line (one pure beef one flat skippy bomber)
(2) S-Line (stable and flippy bomber run)
(1) P-Line (broken in for tail wind hyzer flips)

21 Discs 7 molds. I could probably do without the CD2s and throw beat S-Dps but I love them and they roll better.
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KC Pro Aviar, three or four from new to beat to death
2 zones, both fresh but two for practicing
Champy plastic PA4 as my understable mid, sure it is a putter but flys as far as my Mids, could give this up to carry a Teebird. But lately been throwing buzzz for fairway driver shots
Two or three Z Buzzz
Thunderbird , one pro, one champ, one luster
Star Shryke
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Overstable, Understable and Straight for each

3 - Echo Destroyer
4 - Wraith (1 roller)
3 - Firebird (no understable sub overhand)
4 - Teebird (1 roller)
4 - Buzzz (1 roller)
4 - Roc (11x, Ontario, San Marino, X3)
3 - Aviar (DX BB, 2-11x)

If only.....

Way too expensive to throw the good originals in CE, Pro Line, Echo, pre 12x KC and classic hard DX Rocs

I guess I’ll continue to throw my cheaper and subpar modern replacements
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Hmmm...7 molds was harder than I thought.

1. Pure (2 Zero Medium, 1 Recycled, 1 Opto)
2. Harp (1 VIP, 1 BT Medium)
3. Buzzz (1 Z, 2 ESP, 1 Ti)
4. River (2 Opto)
5. Saint Pro (2 Opto, 1 GL)
6. Sorcerer (2 VIP, 1 TP)
7. Giant (1 VIP, 1 TP, 1 Recycled)

RED=Discs I don’t currently own or throw

7 molds and 20 discs...makes me rethink my bag. Missing from what I normally throw VIP Longbowman, Lucid Justice, Bio-Fuzion Verdict, VIP Warship, TP Underworld and VIP Sword. I realize that there is overlap, but I don’t have all these molds with these plastics and appropriate wear, so I make up for that with a different mold. I also like the feel of some discs more for my tragically poor forehand (ie Longbowman > Saint Pro).
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As a mold minimalist, this is pretty much my bag and has been for years. 6 molds at most and 18-21 discs usually for casual or competitive rounds. I could bag 25 if I wanted to carry back ups for a big tournament or something.

D2 - 5
FB - 3
TB - 4
A2 - 3
Truth - 2
Wizard - 3

Realistically, I could skip one of the mid molds. I could drop the A2s if there's no wind or the truths if I have a straight A2 seasoned.
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3 pa1
2 zone
2 flat kc roc
3 opto trident
3 star firebird
2 shryke
4 pd2

basically my normal bag. I haven't even been carrying 20 discs recently, with 25 idk what to carry more copies of. Probably pd2s or zones.
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Wizard - 1 soft seasoned, 1 SSSS new
Harp - 1 VIP, 1 bt soft seasoned
Comet - 1 big z
Md4 - 1 c line, 1 p line
EagleX - 1 star new, 1 star seasoned
Firebird - 1 champion max weight, 1 star 150g
Roadrunner - 1 champion new, 1 star seasoned.

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