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Is being over 1000 rated still Amatuer?

I'm sure I'm not a 900 player.
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I have been playing for about 1.5 years
In that short time I have made some good steps in my level of play
I now average between 800 and 840?
I hope to keep improving, but I am getting old and already don't practice like I did when I started
So for those 2 reasons I will not improve as fast as I did the first year
I started playing for the exercise, and enjoy playing, so all is good.
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I've been playing mostly MA3 for the better part of 4 years now with no real plans of moving up. (Haven't felt consistent enough to compete in MA2.)

But I went and screwed that up on Sunday by winning an MA2 B-Tier this past Sunday.

So I guess I'm MA2 now.
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Been playing less than two years (2012 BG Ams was my first sanctioned event), and started around 840. Playing a lot closer to 900 now, my rating has risen to 877. I play Rec (MA3) and Adv Grand Masters. I'll probably finish the year that way, then give up Rec...
I'm looking forward to some day winning a bunch at AGM, and having folks call out, "Bagger: Move Down" (to Adv Masters).
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Don't really play tournaments, but age becomes a significant factor for me. As I start reaching toward 50, I find that each step I take with technique, my body take a step back. I just try to find the areas that I can improve in and focus on those. I can pick up a few strokes with my short game and course management. I like to think I have become a smart golfer, certainly not a long one. Point is, my fun rating seem to continue to go up.
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Default Ready to move up...

I thought I was stuck on 871 after four straight ratings cycles with the same number... but in my heart I felt I was better than that. Plus, folks that know me called me a bagger for playing MA3. Fact is I've been playing less than 2 years and my rating said I was MA3. Why? Because each time I'd throw a 900+ rated round I'd follow it up with a stupid 830 or lower round in the same tournament. In one tournament late last year, I thought my highest rated round followed directly by lowest rated round ever on the same course.

Now... with daily practice and putting at night with my basket at home, I've finally won and MA3 division and my ratings at Am Worlds this past week were mostly over 900 including my first ever under par round!!! So I'm ready to listen to the crowd and "move up".

I'll either play MA2 or MM1 depending on the field sizes. I like to play where the most players are for a better chance at cashing... plus lots of those MM1 guys are GOOD! MG1 in 2015 is where I'll probably land for quite a while.
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currently i'm at 841. i should move up somewhat on the next ratings update, but i'll have to shoot much better to get those bad rounds earlier in the year to dropoff. otherwise, i'll have to wait until next spring.
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Finally got out of Rec last update. After last weekends tourney, who knows if I will stay above 900....
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