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Been there, done that. Ribbons help but they're not a cure-all. A disc can slide under the snow and travel more than 10-15ft under the snow pack. Ask me how I know. What are you gonna do, attach 20ft long ribbons to your disc? All the advice with entry marks and chalk also can be helpful, but the bottom line is you will at some point spend time looking for a disc. If you're okay with it going into the round, then you'll have a good time. If you're like me and don't want to deal with it, then don't play in the snow If you do, then play with a lid (like the often suggested Zephyr) that will almost never travel far once it gets into the snow.
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Originally Posted by Twmccoy View Post
I felt like playing DG today, so off I went to the course. We got about 6" of snow last weekend, most of which is still on the ground. The course I play at has astroturf teepads, which someone had cleared. Throwing off them wasn't a problem at all.

The first round went well. I was throwing accurately and putting decent. I put up a -7. All my drives would hit the snow and stick out or slide along the top. The snow has been there for days and was fairly hard/crusty.

The problems came during my second round. The snow softened up a bit and started melting. On an otherwise innocuous drive my Nuke slid horizontally into the snow and disappeared on a hillside covered with weeds, sagebrush.... and snow. I had a vague idea of where the disc went in, but finding it proved to be extremely difficult. I shuffled around on that hillside for 45 minutes kicking snow aside before I finally uncovered the Nuke. After that I immediately called it a day. My shoes were soaked.

Playing in that much snow simply isn't worth it. If not for sheer determination I would have lost a perfectly seasoned Z Nuke in 6" of snow today.
I'm guessing you won't be attending your local ICE BOWL this year.
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The greatest snow idiocy for me is not being able to see the trip hazards.

I mitigate by a steady foot pace and knowing where the walnut trees are. I error on the side of caution and go standstill unless quite sure of myself.

... Playing in 3-5” of fresh stuff in the morning, should be snow over ice in spots.
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Yea, playing in the snow sucks. There are ways to make it suck less but even then
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I smear Beef Bullion on my discs and let my German Shepherds find them. Works pretty good.

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Good, one less person on the course. Please, spread your opinions as far and wide as possible.

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I live in Wisconsin and never use ribbons for snow golf.

I hate how discs fly with ribbons on.

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Originally Posted by Stardoggy View Post
Also, don't be a such a f@#$#n baby.
I feel like this advice could end like 50%+ of DGCR threads.

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What did the -7 have to do with thinking playing in the snow isn’t a good idea?

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I haven't touched a disc in a few weeks. My shoulder is getting the much needed rest it needs.

And the downhill skis have the dust blown off them. But I still miss DG. Delaying gratification can be a good thing.

But if that's all you got, by all means get out and breath the cool air. It does wonders for ya lungs..
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