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Ft Lauderdale had Tradewinds park since around 1990. I took a while but Easterlin park finally opened for d-golf in 2003. Since then we have added Plantation Heritage park around 2012 - 2013 & Now Markham park in Sunrise.
So 2 parks in 13 years, then another 2 within 2 years. I would say the park growth rate mirrors the recent explosion in players. In the last 2 years the parks in Ft Lauderdale have doubled as have the amount of new players.
Despite the new parks you can still go to Tradewinds on any day of the week and see many players and weekends are like Disney land. What we really need is a 2'nd 18 hole course at Tradewinds. They have lots of land there.
wish list- T2 - tradewinds 2, not turkeynator
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Originally Posted by Doofenshmirtz View Post
This is just my opinion of course, but the growth that the sport needs is in a bigger cross-section of the population playing, especially, a larger representation of people who don't "need" to win the ace pot so that they can pay gas to get back after the tournament, don't have to carpool in order to be able to afford to get to tournaments, can afford to pay more for better equipment, are familiar enough with winning, losing and competition that they wouldn't dream of cheating and most importantly, don't mind paying a fee to play that allows well-designed, private courses to be profitable. That would be a very good type of growth IMO. More public, free courses are also good, but getting a little more money into the sport via more players with more disposable income will do wonders.
Excellent and very valid points. First of all, you are describing most of my group of players to a tee, and we'd certainly be willing to pay a reasonable amount to not be surrounded by pot smoking losers, beer swilling drunks, and lousy one disc wonders. Now, before you jump down my throat and call me a pretentious ******* who hates (insert part of my description that you identify with here), hear me out.

I enjoy the occasional beer on the course, but I remember that I have to drive home and that I need to clean up after myself. I have no issue with smokers, except when they feel the need to share a bowl on the tee while the entire group slowly tees off. If you need to have a smoke step out of the way and let others through. I frequently play with only one or two discs on simpler courses, or while traveling, but I make it a point to read the signboard at each course (assuming there is one) so that I know of any local points of etiquette that may be different from what I'm accustomed to. So, I'm not a saint but I try to make sure my activities on the course don't detract from the time others have.

People with something to lose (money, job, status, whatever) are going to be better behaved than young kids who don't know any better or losers who don't care about breaking the law, rules, or social norms, so of course they'd be better for the game. The issue is going to be attracting these people once they've already achieved success in life, and unfortunately I think time is the only way to do this. If we can expose people in college or younger, and they go on to success but keep playing the game, then we will have a better quality of person on the course.
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^ Where is the FB thumbs up button when I need it?
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Doof and puck...couldn't agree more.
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Originally Posted by SamuliKL View Post
I've played, too. I like relaxed as well. But your point and "evidence" about players being nerdy, banged up, antisocial stoners is ridiculous. I am not doubting that you see it in your circles but your generalization is false and ignorant. Which is a good thing.
what are you talking about you tool-box? i'm not in the bussiness of producing evidence one way or the other. I'm just relaying my experience as someone who has seen quite a few Finnish disc golfers and events over the years. I spoke up because I've now,more than once, heard these claims of this new brand of "more professional disc golf" that is dawning in "Europe". Given that there isn't one single professional disc golfer in Europe and that the game is a very marginal fringe sport almost everywhere at this point, played by a pretty diverse bunch of people, I find these claims pretty odd.
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@ Jay Dub re: unsafe course designs.

I'll definitely agree with erock that Chicagoland is notorious for shady (from a safety standpoint) design. It's largely a function of, like I believe someone else already touched upon, smallish suburban parks attempting to fit too much into too limited of a space.

Also, I'll agree that short and easy does not necessarily equate bad design. It's more a function of park activity overlap than low quality hole design (although this is also often the case).
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