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Old 12-15-2019, 10:14 AM
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What I've learned about teaching newbs is to keep it brief and simple. I pick a short course with a lot of flat straight shots. And I purposely throw newb hyzers and other goofy shots while I emphasize that they should play frisbee with the course. And I choose the most frisbee like discs. (IMO the Aero is king here. Too bad they're OOP. I had to stop giving them away.) IOW Imagine you're throwing this frisbee to a person on that little berm. See it you can get it to land at their feet.
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Old 12-15-2019, 12:14 PM
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I agree with all of you who added to this conversation with the importance of good beginner-friendly Discs for that first-time player. It's gotta be something understable and glidey. My first Disc was a Stingray and it hooked me for life. Right out of the gate I had something I could get halfway to the basket right up the fairway with no experience and it worked. I even wonder if Leopards are understable enough for many first-time players. Maybe that should be their first non-putter upgrade a few rounds down the road?

OP was talking about "aunts" and such, if I remember right. Almost everything in production is going to meathook for that demographic. Something slow and flippy will give them a taste of success right away.
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Old 12-16-2019, 04:02 AM
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Thanks everyone!

A lot of great tips from you all.

I've compiled most of it, for future reference and to keep it short and compact:

Course and discs:
* Pick an easy course if possible.
* Choose 2-4 beginner friendly discs (understable putters and/or midranges) and play with the same discs yourself.
* Throw beginner friendly shots as that are easier to copy.
The grip:
* Klimo/stacked/control grip.
* The thumb pressing down on the inside edge of the rim making a connection point with the index finger.
* Hand on the outside of the disc through the whole following motions.
* Keep the nose of the disc down like if you were giving a handshake.
* Keep it brief and simple.
* Do stand still throws for a start.
* Compact reach-back.
* Emphasize the importance of a good follow through for minimized risk of injury and for throwing in a correct way. The thumb should be horizontal the whole way through.
* The head should be in a neutral position, not up nor down, aligned with your spine and core. Keep the eyes on the disc as you reach back. Do not twist your head and look up when throwing. Let your body rotate together with your head in the follow through.
* Stand still with feet apart in an athletic stance. Feet closed in regards to the targeted line. Front foot slightly adjusted so that the front heel line up with the back toes.
* Reach back and wide so that there's no risk of rounding. Relax and let your shoulders and hips follow and coil up in a loaded state. The disc should be out so that it's not blocked by the body.
* Generate power from your hips.
Technique metaphors:
* "Knock down a door with your elbow."
* "Crush the can with your front foot."
* "Imagine a cup of water on the disc as you throw. Don't let the cup fall over or spill the water out."
* "Pull the disc as if you were holding a tree with your hand and really wanted to move it forward." (Could be shown with an actual tree or pole beforehand for getting the feeling right.)
* "Imagine dragging a handheld brush across a bar and then flicking the drips off the end of the brush across the room."
Mental game:
* Play actual rounds to keep it interesting.
* Read the throws a little when you've played for a while. What happens on a hyzer or an anhyzer? What happens on a nose up or down? How is your thumb pointing, and where is your hand going on the follow through?
* Remind yourself and whoever you are teaching to have fun and laugh at your own mistakes.
* Be relaxed.

English isn't my first language and I may have butchered some of it. If so, I'm sorry. Let me know.
Keep adding to the list. Some things might have to be edited or removed.
The whole point is to keep it compact. Only the most important parts should remain. Hopefully we'll have something really useful for teachers and students in the future. Easy and understandable for everyone. The importance of a good first round can't be stressed enough. If you are feeling irritated and confused after playing for the first time why should you ever play again?

I feel like there's missing an explanation of how the throw should be done when at full reach back until the disc is flying forward. Anyone have any good pointers for this?
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Old 12-16-2019, 03:10 PM
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I find that offering choices based on feel (I stress that feel is more important than color), gives the new player(s) more confidence by allowing them to feel comfrotable with what they are throwing. Not everyone is comfortable with a bead, but some people may feel better with the bead.

I also find that sidearm is an alternative for those who can't throw backhands very well (provided they can safely throw sidearm shots). I usually carry a Teebird-esque driver with me, and have them try sidearm with it.

I try to work a bit in the field with new players before they get on the course, but I understand that isn't always possible. It definitely helps weed out gridlock.

Also don't allow runups and try to minimize your use of them as well with new players. Runups are more variables being added into an alreasy complex equation.
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Old 12-17-2019, 03:46 AM
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First time players?

Keep it short keep it simple.

No one can take too much information on to begin with, no one wants to, they just want to throw.

This is the How to play video embedded on our website that links from the QR codes on our tee signs, scorecards and welcome signs - https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_c...ature=emb_logo

The QR code has been linked through 10's of thousands of times and we get some nice feedback normally from first time players that have finally decided to scan the code after their 3rd or 4th hole, the biggest thing that immediately improves their play is just keeping it flat.
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Old 12-19-2019, 08:35 AM
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I've given friends/family a whamo frisbee to throw when they just want to have fun. No hand holding, explanation, etc, needed. They can usually throw it flat and just have fun. Sometimes they will want to throw one of my discs, I usually give them my prepared one line instant clinic, which goes something like: "Reach back to start your throw and as you come forward with the disc, imagine the disc is moving over the top of a table and at the end of the table release the disc flat." This clicks for most people and helps control the desire to exaggerate a noob hyzer/anny release.
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