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It's hard to nail down the best of whatever without unbiased opinions....

I will throw down for MVP because of my bias.. I think they have done an excellent job with throwing putters.

I also think they do lightweight better than anyone else. They can produce discs down at 143g like my fission photon that are still more stable than anything else at that weight so you can really take advantage of the lighter disc.

Discraft mids for sure..

Innova for everything else by default.. Hard to argue with history and market share.
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I think Discraft mids are overrated. They have the Buzzz and Comet and everything else is very forgettable. And they do have crappy base plastic which sucks if you like to cycle mids. Their mids are so good that McBeth had them make one for him (Malta) and often discs down to Lunas and Zones for mid shots.

Anyway, I'll bite.

Distance drivers: Latitude 64 (HM: Innova)

Control drivers (9-10 speeds): Innova (HM: Discraft)

Fairway Drivers: Innova (HM: Discmania)

Mids: Discraft (HM: Westside)

Approach discs: Prodigy (HM: Discraft)

Throwing Putters: MVP/Axiom/Streamline (HM: Innova)

Putting putters: Gateway (HM: Dynamic)

Lids: Innova (HM: Discraft)

Plastic: Kastaplast (HM: Prodigy)

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Distance Driver: This is really hard for me. I throw a few different brands for distance. Innova Wraith. Discraft Force. Gateway Journey. If I had to choose, I'd probably say Innova. I like their plastics much better than Discraft for drivers. The diamond plastic from Gateway is amazing though....

Control drivers/Utility: I almost feel like the "outside" brands make Innova and Discraft look better. They have really good stuff. Millennium and Discmania both have great offerings. JLS and PD are two of my favorite discs. I'm going to go with Discraft, though. I haven't thrown the OLF but I think Discraft still takes that spot without it. This is this medium speed driver that you can count on to do exactly what you want all the time. The predator and Flick are the two I've bagged that I've grown to love. Right now it's the flick and the PD. If you even look at Marshall street flight chart there's a bit of a gap in Innova offerings.

Fairway driver: Innova. Even though I don't throw any Innova fairway drivers, I still think overall they have the best selection.

Mids: Discraft with Gateway creeping up. Buzzz, Wasp, Zone, Comet. I currently bag two and have Buzzzes in the backup bin. I just picked up the Prophecy and Element in Diamond plastic, wow. I've had an Element before but the Prophecy is going to get some work.

Putters: Gateway. This actually comes down to plastic for me. Nothing compares to their base plastics for putters. MVP might go a little further for straight driving, but it's not enough to give them the title for me. Wizard, Magic, Voodoo

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I love Westside for putters: Swan2, Crown, Shield, Harp, Maiden

And for mids: Bard, Warship,Tursas, Pine, Sling.

They rule my short game.

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I personally would say these:

Drivers: Innova, they have good molds in almost every vague style of disc. (IE, Fast overstable, understable control, overstable fairway) Other companies have great molds in parts of those but I feel they don't generally cover all categories well.

Mids: Discraft, several options to choose from depending on a feel preference; whereas companies like Innova you have to dig a little deeper to find the one you want if you aren't a Roc-esque fan or Mako3. Trilogy is good too but they did away with several molds that disappointed a lot of people but i suppose they have a decent core with Truth, Compass, Verdict and Gatekeeper(?)

Putters: Trilogy In my opinion they have the best core set for putting plastics, four baseline plus premium plastics is a good way for most people to find what they want. Also from my experience, other than maybe Ricky-era Zero Hard Daggers, most of their disc plastic combos are readily available and plentiful

Honorable mention would be Gateway for putters, from my experience as someone who doesn't like large beaded putters I found less readily available plastic options when it came to their other putters such as the Magic and Voodoo. That being said when you did find the combo, they were excellent. Still have lots of fond memories with an old SS Magic that felt similar to trilogy Prime.
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Most durable plastic besides the baseline is still Discraft, I have never found a Z/Champion plastic that lasts so long. Second is then the Innova Champion if you do not have the extra gummy Champion. ESP is durable again, it had gone a tad soft in the 2010's before the light swirl stuff came out. Star is very durable if you get the stiffer plastics, even the slightly not as stiff is still really good.

Best baseline is Lighting if you get the modern stuff with the DuPont added to the disc, is almost a stiff R-Pro. Innova is next with the old style DX in, XT.
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I prefer the discs I know the best, especially with not getting a ton of throwing time lately. But, I think it'd be kinda nuts for me to believe that my familiarity is in any way an indicator of any sort of objective superiority.

We all throw what we throw because of some combination of factors like availability, familiarity, advertising, and aesthetics.

So it strikes me as totally bonkers for us to try to pretend that this is an objective conversation.

Is Discraft now making significantly better discs than they did a few years ago, or did some other factor change, for example?

So anyway, that's why the answer to this question is nothing more than an expression of one's own typically-not-empirically-arrived-at preferences.

Oh, except Wizards. Wizards are best.

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I dunno man, he throws the buzzzz a TON. Watch his play Blockhouse and you'll see a lot of Buzzzz shots.

Couple surprises on that list, I thought Discraft would take approach discs just from the Zone, but I haven't thrown an A2 before. I know a lot of local people near me love the A2.

Originally Posted by BrotherDave View Post
Their mids are so good that McBeth had them make one for him (Malta) and often discs down to Lunas and Zones for mid shots.

Anyway, I'll bite.

Distance drivers: Latitude 64 (HM: Innova)

Control drivers (9-10 speeds): Innova (HM: Discraft)

Fairway Drivers: Innova (HM: Discmania)

Mids: Discraft (HM: Westside)

Approach discs: Prodigy (HM: Discraft)

Throwing Putters: MVP/Axiom/Streamline (HM: Innova)

Putting putters: Gateway (HM: Dynamic)

Lids: Innova (HM: Discraft)

Plastic: Kastaplast (HM: Prodigy)
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Originally Posted by F. Howl View Post

It's a bit of hyperbole, but I will say no other mid comes close to having the following the Buzzz has. Always at the top of Infinite's top selling midrange list, and only mid to make the top ten overall list, which it does every quarter it seems.
That's a different thread.
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Originally Posted by ray1970 View Post
Not even the Felon?
It's very SexyBird ish. Not to mention Trilogy plastic doesn't seem to hold it's stability at all for me.

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