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I played a 2-day tournament in humid 100F+ conditions. Emptied both drink holders each 9-hole loop and had a blast.

Also played an ice bowl that started at a breezy 0 degrees F. Layers, glove for the off-hand, and had a blast.

But I prefer not to play in rain (too much time trying to dry off discs) or in snow deep enough to hide a disc.
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I have a lot of other activities I enjoy that require me to be inside, so once it gets below 40 I do them instead.

I save the good weather for my outdoor activities.
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I guess my upper limit is 90 and lower limit probably about 20. I've played in single digits and didn't enjoy it much. I actually love temps around 40 degrees if the course is dry. I get too hot easily. When the temps are at 40 degrees or so, I can put on a hoodie and I'm cold for a couple holes, but after that I feel pretty comfortable and never overheat. I have more endurance and can play all day as long as I'm not too hot.

For me, rain/wet conditions are the biggest issue. Wind takes away some of the fun, but I can live with it and it gives me an excuse to throw my Firebird, which otherwise is way too beefy for me. But cleaning mud off my disc after every thrown and stepping in puddles is the worst.
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I dont have an upper limit but thats probably because it seldom hits 100 here and the humidity seldom tops 50%.
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The forecast for tomorrow improved from a high of -1F to a high of 4F. So I'm thinking about playing glow league tomorrow.

I'd probably play down to about -10F if there was no wind chill. Any colder than that and it's tough to breathe.

On the high end, I've frolfed on >100F days, although it's typically dry here. I'd much rather play in triple-digit temps with no humidity, than 80F and 80% humidity.

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Originally Posted by ThrowBot View Post
On the high end, I've frolfed on >100F days, although it's typically dry here. I'd much rather play in triple-digit temps with no humidity, than 80F and 80% humidity.

Ill second this. I was going to play a round in southeast Texas once. It was right around 100 and the humidity was well over 90%.

I literally played the first five holes and then packed it in. When you arent used to that kind of weather it can be brutal. I was sweating buckets and thought I might die.
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Playing mostly in WI, we have a pretty wide range of temps, so my limits as to what I'd play are pretty expansive.

I honestly can't think of a time it's been "too hot" to play here in years. Maybe if we get above 100 I may start to think about backing out, but I also used to live & shoot in FL, where 90+ temps with 90+ humidity was the norm.

As for a low, there's a lot more than the temperatures that go into it. My general rule is "if I have to wear a second pair of pants, it's too cold". Call it a 10-15 degree (F) day. Is it sunny and not that much wind? No problem. I'll play in that all day. It might have to go straight up below 0 before I refuse in these conditions. On a windy, cloudy day, my lower limit on temps rises considerably (maybe high 20s or low 30s?).

Active stormy, windy rainfall or snowfall is pretty much a hard pass, regardless of temps.
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I've lived in either Indiana or Michigan all of my life. Usually the only time I get out in winter is to shake off a little cabin fever. It's for the sake of novelty and only a few times. I was more serious 20 years ago and tried to keep going out in the snow at the advice of other serious players who theorized it would lead to less regression in skill. I don't know. Without proper footwork and grip a lot of the time, I suppose it would be true but only on a limited basis for me at most. Winter v.s. non-winter seems to be different games to me especially in non-putting aspects. I suppose it could help with standstill ability and the mental game and whatnot.

So far in this thread I've only talked about true hate being rain-related, but as for how cold it can get, I'll echo what a lot of others have said. If it's sunny and calm, the air temperature can be very cold but it won't seem like it. I've been known to lay out in the sun on the deck in February in just my swimming trunks if it's dead DEAD calm, sunny and above 20. Then again, the results of my Holy Golf Discs' trajectories involve grip and footwork. I don't know. Probably 20 if all else is good? Like I said, that's only for the novelty of it.

I hate losing Discs in the snow. I lost a 9x KC Eagle in the middle of a fairway in the winter of '99-'00. Looked for like 45 minutes. Foot-deep fluffy snow. ARGH. Also lost a brand-new Banshee I had thrown maybe once or twice that same year. Bright hunter orange! Perfect throw, nowhere to be seen. Forget that.

On the other side of the coin, I do hate heat. If it's 80 and humid or worse I'm not going to enjoy myself that much. I'd be happy if it never got above 75 degrees. Nineties is death to me. I'd rather have 20 than 90 any day, and that's for all aspects of life.
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Originally Posted by ray1970 View Post

How cold does it have to get before you would rather not go out and play?
If it's below zero, it will definitely give me pause about going to play. Especially if it's windy.

I've played in -25F wind chill with ~12" snow on the ground last January, and 109F heat index last summer. When it was -50F wind chills last January, I definitely didn't play. So I guess my limit is like -30F wind chill? Extreme heat definitely bothers me more than cold. At least when it's extremely cold I don't immediately feel like I'm going to die

Someone mentioned cold, rainy conditions - if it's between 33-45 and raining, I'm almost certainly not playing. That's probably the most miserable conditions to get out in that I've experienced. I absolutely won't play if it's storming. I've seen caddyshack, no round of golf is worth that much

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Originally Posted by Central Scrutinizer View Post
I had the pleasure of playing Toboggan's debut at the 2000 pro/am worlds. Halfway through that round, it poured and poured and poured. Not even the exquisitely tacky SE Teebird's plastic could save me; my round took a complete dump.
That course, especially back in the day before a lot of that nasty shule got cleared out, had to have been tough on a rainy day. Those old rubber pads only made things that much challenging. And those old chainstars, when wet, oh man, that course can really beat you up.

They've cleared out a lot of that shule, and with the addition of pro chainstar baskets and new rubber pads, certainly upgraded the place. Not a huge fan of the added OB out there. Part of what made the Tobog unique was that there was no OB (outside of going over the road on that "shorter" uphill hole that almost nobody ever did).

Either way it's still pretty cool that they're still having that course up every year. I feel like summer is about to start when I sneak out there at 8am a few days after Memorial day for my annual trek.

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