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Default Hit by a disc

I was playing with my friend and was almost hit by a disc. Does this happen allot? Does it cause injuries?
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Yes it can cause injury. Tell your friend he should not be in front of the player who is furthest out on the hole and throwing. DG etiquette 101: Move up the fairway as a group allowing each player to take their shot prior to moving in front of that player to get to your own lie. Don't throw on any pedestrians or other players who are in a group ahead of you.

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I've seen it happen and be funny, I've seen it happen and nearly called an ambulance. These days my #1 goal on the course is to not get hit by someone else's disc. Safety first!

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What was the circumstance? It shouldn't happen a lot, but does happen. When other disc golfers get hit, it's often avoidable. As others mentioned, make sure you're aware of the course and where other players are but also where they might be and might be throwing. Stay aware.

Depending on how busy a course is (both DG and non-DG traffic), this can be an extremely important issue and can cause a course to be shut down. Safety may be the most important thing to me when I review courses.

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Question... Was beer involved? : )
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Originally Posted by NC Trailrunner View Post
Question... Was beer involved? : )
Not with mine as those others looking at the sign in sheets were only 18 or 19 and did not appear drunk, just like they expected the tournament to be the way they played as an average chucker.
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In my limited experience, I've noticed that most people hits occur with larger groups and often with catch discs (frisbees, ultimate discs like ultrastars, etc), and they occur from (mostly) harmless ignorance. Like, "hey let's try this game (disc golf) out after an ultimate session, that happens to coincide with a DG league night.
In other words, rare.
It happens, just like getting hit with a golf ball. Most folks try to at least look before they throw and yell something (like "fore") if they see their disc headed towards people.
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I was nearly hit by a disc over the weekend. I heard a weak, fore, as the disc goes whizzing past my face. MFer barely apologized and I was a little pissed.
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I’ve only seen it happen once. I suppose it could injure someone but I think that’s even rarer than getting hit in the first place.
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I got hit while spotting on a blind hole once. The guy’s roller came at me much more quickly than I expected and I wasn’t able to avoid it. It was a driver to the ankle and it hurt a little when it hit but that’s it. I was fortunate. Had it bounced on a root or something there were other places that would have hurt worse.

Spotting seems to put you in harms way sometimes, but thus far it’s been worth it. Otherwise, I’ve been fortunate with very few discs concerning me at all in this regard.
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