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Default Comet or Buzz

I'm looking for a relatively stable mid-range disc ad I've come down to these two. Can I get a little help on my decision?
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Buy both. But I prefer the buzzz
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Buzzz is much more consistent for me. Discs with beads demand a cleaner release.
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im stuck on the buzzz I have never thrown a comet though, but from what i have read on here a lot of guys throw both
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i carry both. the buzzz for dead straight shots and the comet for turnovers. the comet is probably the most fun disc to throw, it can do some pretty great stuff once you've got it down.
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This is probably the best comparison of the two that I have seen on here. It's originally from the "esp comets comin again!" thread. Hope it helps.
Originally Posted by Marmoset View Post
Here is an answer I have previously given to that question:
Originally Posted by Marmoset
...Golfers, regardless of skill level, are consistently looking for the same things:
a disc that goes straight
a disc that has no fade (or veeerrry little)
a great gliding disc
a disc that does anhyzers really well
a disc that will hold sweet lines without having to beat it in

I feel that Comets can excel at all of these demands and many more. This thread is dedicated to exploring the many things the Comet does well.

I can't say the Comet is the best midrange or the only midrange... there are other fanboys that will claim that for their favorite disc. But I do think the Comet is the best fit for:
1. my current skillset
2. my current priorities I look for in a midrange
3. the way I like to play my home course

If other people read this thread then I think they might realize there are alternatives to the other popular midranges and the Comet just might fill a slot they have been looking for.

Enjoy the thread, learn some stuff, ask questions, whatever.
Try a Comet... you just might like it.
I would also add that the Comet serves as a fabulous diagnostic tool/form checker. If you can keep an Comet straight for 320+ feet (X Comet, no wind) then you are probably doing many things correctly. I know several people that keep Comets around solely for this purpose... they don't throw them during rounds.

so despite the similar numbers could a Buzzz/Comet combo work well?
more fade
power shots
low shots
open holes
a little better in the windy situations

less fade
finesse shots
higher shots
woodsy holes
not as wind resistant (but fine in the wind if you know what you are doing)

Both discs are similar in alot of ways but are also very different. It is an odd pair for a midrange lineup IMO because they are fundamentally different in how they work. For me it is strange to go from the characteristics of a Comet to the characteristics of a Buzzz. The transition from a Comet to a Roc is much smoother for me because, while they fill different roles, they still operate in a very similar manner. They are both slower and need the height to get D and they feel much more similar in my hand than the Comet/Buzzz combo.

If you are used to the flight characteristics of a Buzzz and you try to throw the Comet the same way you throw your Buzzz then the Comet will probably act understable. I throw my Rocs the same way I throw my Comets (or vice versa) and everything works just fine.
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They will both get dead straight shots with little to no fade IF you have good form and work to learn both.

My experiences:

The Comet is much slower. It doesn't like arm speed and won't tolerate muscling or OAT. That being said it will hold ANY line (especially DEAD straight), usually with no fade. You'll need to throw it a little higher than the Buzzz, but the glide it has is ridiculous.

The Buzzz is a faster mid that can take some arm speed. It's a little more forgiving but will still hold just about any line. There is a tiny amount of fade at the end, but keep two things in mind: a lot of it will beat out; and it likes to be thrown low anyway, so it often doesn't have the chance to fade hard. Still has pretty good glide, but nothing like the Comet.

Also, if you beat it up enough, the Buzzz may start to turn over a little bit. I haven't experienced any sort of natural turn with the Comet that wasn't related to how I was throwing it (and my Z Comet is down at 164g).
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I carry 2 comets (ESP and X), 2 buzz (ESP and Z), and 1 drone ESP FLX for my mids.
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I prefer the buzzz. If I had cleaner more consistant form I would carry the comet and use it more, but now I only use it for anhyzers
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Buzzz SS. I replaced my Comets with these. I love them!
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