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Talking Disc Golf Course Design

I am a 13 year old boy and my dream job is to design disc (and regular golf) courses. I was wondering if anybody has any ideas on how to do a little designing, building etc. before its my job(hopefully). Thanks!
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To do one course, get into Boy Scouts, work your way up to the point where you do an Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project. You'll get lots of support that way. Remember that good designers bring in other designers for peer review and to share ideas.

Career-wise, become a Landscape Architect. It's unlikely you'll ever be able to design a golf course (they're not building many new ones) and it's next to impossible that you'll make a living designing disc golf courses. Maybe you'll get to do one every few years or so.

While you're looking for golf-related design gigs, designing other outdoor recreational spaces will be just about as much fun.
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Where do you live Billy
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I'm a landscape architect and I agree with what's been said so far. Career wise it's one of the better choices if you're interested in land design/management. However, getting paid to design disc golf courses is rather tricky. I don't know of any firms that design dg courses exclusively. The only way I could see getting paid to do a dg course would be as part of an overall community/city park masterplan. The clientelle with money to pay for course design is really limited to municipalities, not a lot of private investors...so low market. However, if you're really interested in course design, best way to do it is to go to community meetings. Be involved. Make sure people know your face. Then when you want to pitch a new course design you'll be ready. There's a lot of info on how to do this on the PDGA website
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I'm also a Landscape Architect, and I agree that if you want to design courses, go to school for this profession. It's an extremely large amount of work, but the breadth of the scope of work is refreshing. You can do design-build, city planning, environmental studies --- the list literally goes on and on.

I've play ball golf since I was 6 and it was my dream to design courses growing up, but it's a sport that is going the other direction now. It'll never go away, but it'll never enjoy the constant growth rate of disc golf. Golf is very expensive and extremely time-intensive. People don't have that much time and money to allocate to a sport that they might not even be that good at.

In terms of making a career out of it, give it a try. The Boy Scouts is a great route to start with and then just keep going from there. DOCUMENT EVERYTHING --- ask questions, network and find out what players want. In terms of making a career out of it, it's absolutely possible --- just don't give away your time for free. Lots of people donate their time, services and expertise for the love of the game, but if you believe in your final product, then charge for it. We started off a little shy about the financial side, but went for it anyway --- now people are calling us ready to pay the price we ask for. You can do it!
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Default good stuff so far

Some good advise so far for sure. Studying to be an LSA or Urban Planner is about as close as you will get to a degree for disc golf course design! Play as many courses as you can to see what other designers have done, right and wrong! Play with as many different types of players as you can, as you need to understand what they all can and can't do, and what they WILL and won't do. I have worked with 4 different Scouts (one as young as 15) on Eagle Scout disc golf projects and it would be a great experience builder for you. I come about as close as you can to a full time designer, with 6 courses in the ground last year and at least another 6 this year, and I still depend on other contract engineering work to pay the bills. But it offers some pretty nice perks. Like a few weeks ago when I got out of my tent and was cooking breakfast for my 3 boys, as we looked across a beautiful meadow that was my "morning commute" to an awesome forest that was my "office" for the day, where I was working on laying out a new course!
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Thanks for the advise!
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Might try a pm to HB Clark, HB553 on here. He's designed & installed quite a few. Also Stan McDaniel. They could probably steer you in the right direction
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