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I agree the MVP disc do take a lot of getting used to. But after my learning curve these discs really helped my game. I personally like the Axis and Tangent the best! These are my go to mids.....

Edit: I still use a pain for OS shorter mid duty
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I already own many MVP discs. I just didn't see any improvement over my already bagged discs.
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for those like me that drive with midranges instead of upshooting with them, i can vouch for MVPs effectiveness. i just bought their lineup to try out and i'm pretty sure they will be keeping my rocs out of the bag. like others, i had 5 rocs that i cycled, but every time i'd hit a post or concrete or whatever with my super old, super attached to, super perfect roc, i'd nearly cry. now, i can just buy another tangent. plus, they all feel very similar in the hand, and i think get better releases with greater distance. it's almost a no-brainer.
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Originally Posted by chazman07 View Post
I have 4 Rocs in the bag, OS Roc3, stable KC Glo, Neutral DX, us KC Pro.

I'm thinking of switching to MVP mids, if so I'm thinking a light tangent, heavy tangent, axis, beat vector, fresh/ FR vector.

My problem is that I add one disc total to the mix. I don't know, show me the way DGCRers.
I'm a casual golfer but I have thrown Rocs for a few years and am doing the same thing. I'll still have my Rocs here, so it's not really a commitment, except for the few bucks. My reasoning is actually many-fold: Firstly, I've sampled some MVP molds and find myself going back to them instead of the discs whose place in my game bag they currently occupy. In fact, the Tangent created a new spot all for itself. Secondly I really like the quality of the discs. For example, I couldn't relate to people complaining about flashing on discs before as I just barely noticed it at all. Well, I notice it now on some of my existing discs because the Anode and Tangent I have don't appear to have any, and on the Amp I have, it's set into the wing (and very tiny) instead of the heel of the rim where your finger rips across the disc. Thirdly, I like how they have set out by methodically producing discs which all compliment one another as a game set, starting with the types of discs most of us use most often. Last but no least, I'm a fan of their clean, restrained stamps; especially the Neutron line. In fact, I feel MVP are like an 'Apple' of disc golf in a way. They're not just throwing a bunch of stuff at a wall and seeing what sticks, they have a plan and I like it.

With those thoughts in mind, I thought I'd go ahead and try their entire line and see how they fared against the rest of my bag - why not is the question, I think.

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Originally Posted by thePiRaTE View Post
In fact, I feel MVP are like an 'Apple' of disc golf in a way. They're not just throwing a bunch of stuff at a wall and seeing what sticks, they have a plan and I like it.
I hope this doesn't turn into a mac vs. pc debate
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i played the roc game for most of last summer. losing my beat in ones, getting one good round out of every fresh one, forever wishing that i was using each disc at a different time.. now i just bomb vectors at everything and im rarely disappointed. i have 5 now, proton and neutron, and i can seriously grab any one of them at any time and toss it into the bag. consistent as they were when i bought them.

as with all mvp discs though, good form is HEAVILY rewarded and bad form is punished the second it leaves your hand..
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Originally Posted by in4d View Post
...give it a try and if you dont like them i will buy them from you.
Challenge accepted
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I LOVE the Vector. I'm trying to make the Tangent and Axis work, but I still feel more comfortable with the Comet and Buzzz in those spots.
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2nd most what others have said and no need for seasoned anything with the new tangents they fly like a seasoned buzz, roc, fuse, (insert your favorite neutral beat mid)

Axis also are not understable at all IMO they compare well to some of the less OS rocs which are much more workable than a fresh vector would be.
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I'm not changing from Rocs, but I'm not extremely pleased with the Swedish mids right now so I just bought the Neutron Vector, Axis, Tangent combo and an M1 because I know the Vector, from previous experience, isn't overstable enough for the OS mid slot.
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