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Originally Posted by dwalk77 View Post
At the same time, I feel if I had several back ups, I might start to get careless with risky shots and not value the discs as much.
This is so foreign to me. My main bag is full of the discs I know and know really well, I would rather lose a new disc than one that I've come to trust. I'm pretty sure a lot of people feel the same.

As far as backups; for my main discs, I have quite a few because I also practice with them. Never assume your backup is going to fly the same as the bagged disc. Get to know all your discs so you won't have any surprises. I think we have all had a disc that flew beautifully only to find that the one we had was the anomaly and then couldn't find another.

Also, be aware that some molds and plastics may just not always be available or even go OOP. I used to putt with Lat64 Spikes, threw Suspects and loved DX Gazelles. I loved these but, for some reason for almost a year there were none to be had in either the plastic or weight that I wanted and the Gazelle went OOP in DX. I finally gave up and moved on.

So anyway, to answer your question, yeah, I have lots of backups for my main discs.
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There are relatively few flight shapes, so as long as I have a couple of discs that can fly each of them I'm happy. I don't worry about replacing a Roc with a Roc or a Firebird with a Firebird, there are plenty of stable midrange or overstable drivers that will do the job. If there are subtle differences, half a round of throwing will show them up and allow for adjustment. Collecting backups is part of a separate hobby that has little to do with the actual playing of disc golf.
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I have maybe 10 backup putters for tossing around the yard and practice putting. Stable discs get lost less frequently so 3-4 backups usually lasts a long time. Understable discs get lost more often so I like to have 6-8 backups.

Some discs are rarely available at the light weights I prefer so I have learned to order a bunch when they are available.
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17 pa1
12 zone
6 roc
2 quake
5 f3
7 trident
1 spirit
8 firebird
5 shryke
18 pd2
6 boss

In my bag I carry a spare pa1, trident, firebird, shryke, and pd2. Mostly there to fill space.
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I actually don't (currently) have any. I don't play much more than a few times a month these days, and the discs I throw (from what I researched) are pretty consistent in runs, and easy to find. I don't have much for spare income, so I don't buy a discs until I lose one. I'd ideally like to have a few backups of my most loved discs (especially the drivers) but due to life being what it is, that's how it's going to go.

I also don't play many courses with a high potential to lose a disc. I've only lost 2 in 2 years.
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In my bag, I carry a back up of almost every disc. Some have two back ups. My home course has thick woods and water and can potentially lose any disc so I like to have a back up ready during the round.

In the garage, I generally keep around 10 or so back ups of each disc (some more, some less).

The key is to wait until your bag has settled. Sucks to change discs and have invested in 10 back ups.

For the water holes on my course, I use brand new discs. That way if I lose it, it isn't one that I have broken in and fallen in love with.
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I rotate what's in my bag a lot, so I feel I know how everything throws. a backup just won't fly like a seasoned disc (generallly). I try to throw everything I own over the course of the year....

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Every single one of my discs has a backup of some form. Not all are in my bag as I only carry 16/17 discs depending on the course. The only discs I don’t carry a backup of my zone, crank, raptor & force. They are the 4 discs I use on unique shots that don’t often require a lot of risk
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I mainly buy extras of discs that I'm sure I won't be able to easily get later. Examples are glow pd2, royal rage fd2, 10 yr anniversary buzzz, etc. Others, I normally buy in twos. This is if I LOVE it, I have an extra. From there, I can buy more. Otherwise, they can be adopted out to new homes.
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My favorite disc I have about 12. 2 other great ones I love about 10.
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