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If the disc is 100% ITB then I’d like to have 5 or more.


everything else ITB is negotiable. Though I have 3 War Horse now and don’t see that one leaving soon.
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I would love to have my prime discs in sets of 5, same weight same plastic. Unfortunately I often would buy a single to see if I like it or not, like it eventually enough to want backups then my backups are not perfect replacements.

I have tried to fix that with buying several more upfront, then those discs fall out of favor. I have 5 Trespasses... I bag a pine and have picked up several backups... but keep thinking I want to replace the Pine with something else, maybe a Bobcat.

I've been trying to rotate my favorite discs with exact replacements so I have true actual replacements but only have one or so true backups.
Then I have a few discs like my eagles I have 1 Star that is a workhorse in my bag. All of my backups are Champ... They aren't even close to the same disc. I also have 10 Teebirds but really only 1 exact backup for one of the two in my bag.
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I try to have 5-6 backups of each more for limited runs that can be hard to procure
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Scorps: 1-3 of each run
Sexybirds: 4
Eagles: 8
Rocs: 10
Classic aviars: 15
Rhyno: 0! I need to get a couple.

Don’t play around a ton of water that’s really in the “lose a disc” range. But if I do misplace one in the rough or water, I have at least 1 that can go right in the bag.
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Dang it... lacking a backups for two ITB, but at least very easy ones to replace off the shelf. Newish g mamba and a z buzzz ss.
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Putters and mids I throw in base plastic so the discs are cheap and I have tons of backups. I'll have around 15-20 of those.

Drivers a lot of the time I have one or no backups until I've thrown it for a couple of years. I throw those in premium plastic and at $14-$18 a pop it's harder to impulse buy one here or there and I just never end up with a ton of them. I max out at around 5 backups on those. Those are the discs I actually lose, so it really makes no sense but it is what it is.
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For me it is simply a function of how hard the disc is to replace. If it’s easily available at OTBDiscs, I could have a new one in my hands in an hour (most days) if I really wanted. Next-day tops. So no real need to have even one backup of those. I have three or four backups of the harder-to-replace discs. I don’t play enough (or lose that many) to justify more than that
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Originally Posted by Um... View Post
Too many, considering I can count all that I've lost on two hands.
Exactly the same for me. I end up buying backups for discs I am afraid I will lose, but I don't lose discs very often. There are a couple discs I've tried to back up but can't quite get right. E.g. I have a 173g Z Buzzz that flies like none of my other ~10, with just the right HSS and LSS to be awesome for some approach lines. If I lose it, I'll just have to figure something out, maybe even with a different mold.

For me, that's the learning point: after losing a hard-to-replace disc, time on the course with something similar is the only way to make sure the disc's shots stay in your arsenal. Buying backups is as much about having multiples for practice as it is about having a replacement for a bagged disc that finds water or irretrievable rough.
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A handful of each staple discs.

Judge - 13
Truth - 8
Undertaker - 8
Felon - 4
Trespass - 9
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I normally have 5 or 10 of most molds ITB. I just switched putters and fairways but I'm in no hurry to add to the collection, I lose stuff very rarely and I'm trying to downsize my collection.
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