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OIne day last summer we were walking up to the fourth hole at our course, I set my bag down by the bench and say down, as I went to reach down to grab a disc out of my bag I saw a junior copperhead getting some shade under the bench. I have ran across a couple of other snakes as wel, looking in the brush for a disc I stepped right over a coiled up black snake. Also found a 3 foot brownish grey snake, never could identify this one on the missouri snake list though. Anyone have any ideas? It seemed to have a grey body, with kind of a yellow belly.
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Sounds like a coluber constrictor flaviventris (aka Eastern Yellow-Bellied Racer or Blue Racer):

Snakes of Missouri
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per my other thread...

My destroyer landed on top of that guy. Took him home, realized he was a common snapper and returned him to the park in the same spot i found him.

I have yet to see any snakes at my course but there are literally thousands of snake holes.
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I had the pleasure of living in Yellowstone National Park for 2 years and there are about 6 courses in the park although only one is identified on DGCR.
My home course was at the Old Faithful location and my friends and I got to see some of the most amazing things on the course. Most common were herds of Elk or Bison but we also got to see Golden and Bald eagles eating an Elk carcass, a grizzly feeding on a bison (right on hole 10's tee), coyotes, and black bears.
It is a pretty awesome course but dangerous, geyers and hot springs right near some of the pins. I have third degree burns on my foot where I broke through thin ground to scadling hot water while putting out on hole 5.
That is why nobody has ever listed it on here because you need to play the course with someone experienced to show you what is safe and what is dangerous.
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Lots of snakes, nothing poisonous, usually as soon as I see them they are gone in a flash. Lizards too. Lots of turtles on logs. Funny thing about the turtles is as soon as they see you almost everyone of them jumps in the water. And a couple of deer at a course in the city.
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I was putting at a course in WI, and sort of noticed out of the corner of my eye a couple of "players" on a previous hole. They were just kind of standing around together like players do, you know?

Finished my putt and took a look over there. The "players" were sandhill cranes.
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Been in the water with an alligator trying to get my disc back. He was probably only 5-6 feet long. When he went under water where I couldn't see him, I got out and left my wraith behind.
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We regularly see deer in the woods at East Roswell Park, along with lots of squirrels. There's a red-tailed hawk that likes to hang out in the trees. And there's snakes -- mostly rat snakes and king snakes, at least that I've seen so far -- my son got some pix and video of a large king snake that was hanging out not far from the basket on hole 5 during the Atlanta Open, and it may well have been the same one we saw last year in the tee area of hole 3 -- they were much the same size. And I'm reliably informed that this guy is an early-morning regular on the fairway for hole 3 -- I took this at the pond by the pavilion about 300 yards away from there, late in the afternoon:

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Originally Posted by OJnBasquits View Post
This past Saturday we almost got eaten alive. We made our random bimonthley trip to Harry Meyers park in Rockwall, Tx. Middle of the day, middle of the course, and middle of hole 9. The hole is fairly dense with low and high shrubbage. Tough to see through, tougher to find your frisbee. We manage to get to the eleveated green and my buddy spots it. A FREAKIN MOUNTAIN LION! Damm dudes this thing was real. Solid tan coat, long tail, cat face, quick and low to the ground, big like a labrador. My buddy looks back and it runs across the fairway from one thicket to another. Of course i putt in and take off to get another look. I only got to see it for about 20 foot as it disappeared. No luck. We play on.
Dern man, that's AWESOME!! Getting to spot a mountain lion in the wild is a rare, rare occurance. That would have been one of the highlights of my life... dern sure the highlight of my various wildlife viewing experiences.
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Last time I went to Delaveaga we were playing on the first hole with the woods and drop off to your right. After we drove we noticed a bobcat walking right out if the fairway in the woods along with us. We were able to spot it until after we'd driven on the next hole.
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