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Originally Posted by joecoin View Post
I just got a Blizzard Wraith and have thrown it maybe a dozen times. It sure is light.

So far, no great love or hate.

Time will tell.
Pick up a pro or star wraith and you will see some magic as it beats in
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I've got a 170 Star Wraith that I'm liking. Very, very, very high speed stable with a great fade at the end.

I go back and forth between it and a Blizzard Boss I have. The Boss has more forward fade but the big difference is it's much easier to throw anny and get a giant "s" curve for distance. My Wraith doesn't like to turn at all so it's harder to pull that line off with it. Right now, they're both in the bag.
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first disc i ever owned was a wraith. now i kinda wanna try out the gstarrr ones. but i dont throw anything above a speed 9 .

i used to throw a new star for overstable. then a pro for understable. great combo
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"Imma throw the Wraith!"

"Ohhh you r reeeeeaaaally trippin..."

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I used to love throwing Wraiths. They were a staple in my bag for about six years. Incredible distance for BH and FH throws. My favorite one was 168g in Champion plastic and very flat. I would crank it on a FH hyzer and it would bomb even in stiff headwinds. The falling out happened when I lost that particular Wraith at Hornet's Nest in Charlotte. I had the hardest time trying to find one just like it. This is a problem with Innova high speed divers, IMO. I've limited my bag to only one high speed driver, but there is a bit of a void.
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Get my biggest drives with blizzard 160 . I know a wraith is capable of much more, but I've seen more 350 ish drives with blizzard wraith than any other driver I carry. Star 170 holds up into the wind for me for around 300, and trust it not turn over. I may try to develop a forehand drive with my star to make it even more useful. I likes my wraiths.
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I have a starlight i got for tailwinds and no wind at all and it is not flippy at all. At 370ish is maybe a -2 3 if you are familiar with innova. I was pleasantly surprised
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Discgolfvalues.com has gstar wraiths up.
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Wraiths are my favorite distance drivers. Champs are the most consistent, so I always have one in my bag. I have thrown other discs farther, but my champ wraiths are just more accurate. I have parked holes that were 400'+ with champ wraiths many times. I have three right now: 175g, 172g, and 165g. I just pick one based on how strong the wind is blowing any particular day.

I have a beat-to-hell star wraith that I found a while back that is retarded flippy. I lost a perfect highlighter green star wraith a while back. I turned it over in the wind and it turned into a hopping roller over/through a fence, and then into the street. I searched for 45mins and couldn't find it anywhere. My buddy and I believe it must have gotten wedged in a passing minivan's front grill. I picked up a bottom stamp star wraith and it is just too understable. I keep looking for a star wraith with a shape I like, but haven't found one yet.

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My first real distance driver was a flat top star wraith that got stuck in a treetop 60' high and was never seen since. Stacked up few of those but running out of them. Recent ones have been these pop tops and domey ones that I dislike because of the feel in the hand and glide/turn they have(prefer less glide=more control). I've tried some other molds but no luck so far, closest thing has been discmania's DD that I now have few waiting for the snow to melt. They seem plenty HSS but with smaller fade. Plus they to appear to be pretty flat, atleast the ones I have.

Oh yeah, I throw them FH and BH. Much love.
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