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Default The hips... I must use them.


There's a thread that went back and forth between Sidewinder22 and myself over in Form Analysis - but I'm pretty sure nobody in there right mind would wade through it all. I tried to wrap the concise points into this blog post, which basically boils down to my realization that a backhand is really hard specifically because to do it right, we have to use a left handers stance and hip driving movement.

Yeah, so that was pretty big news to me.
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THIS IS AWESOME! I never thought about like hitting a baseball left handed, but that's exactly what it feels like...and why it's awkward/hard to do. Good stuff! [...goes to garage and grabs bat to swing for the next few hours]
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That is interesting, and something I've never thought about. The cool thing is, I'm right handed/footed, but have always skated and snowboarded lefty. It always felt more natural to be positioned that direction for me. I'll assume that may have had some influence on my natural tendency to throw backhand over forehand.

And yes, I know I need to use the hips, I do use the hips, but never to the extent that I know I should. It seems to be one of those things that is easy to think but much harder to continually implement. Oh well, with practice.
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What do I know? According to MrAmadeusM I'm just a loud mouth schnook!

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I tell my right handed friends this all the time. If you bat right handed, the LHBH throw should not feel that weird. I throw left and bat right so backhand feels natural to me.
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Awesome! Thanks for the info/link. I really can use this!
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I bat right and throw right and disc right. It's never felt unnatural to me. My brother is the weirdo. He does everything right handed except throw a frisbee. He does that lefty because it's like his baseball swing.
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Originally Posted by sidewinder22 View Post
What do I know? According to MrAmadeusM I'm just a loud mouth schnook!
Yeah, noticed that. I think I speak for a lot of us when I say your input is GREATLY APPRECIATED! Please don't let that one loser dissuade you from providing form input. I learn a lot from the advice you give others. I'm gonna get a video of me up in the next month or so and welcome the kind of input you provide. Keep it up.
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I am 99.9% left-handed in everything that I do. That .1% is throwing a disc/frisbee. I putt with either hand but predominantly left-handed. I used to say that I had a "virgin" arm when I first started playing. Not anymore. I had been throwing frisbees right-handed from a young age precisely because of the baseball/golf swing connection. It just feels natural, while left-handed backhand feels unnatural.
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It's funny because I've been telling people that for a while without realizing I bat left-handed and throw rhbh.

So I'm probably super screwed on the whole "throwing lhbh" front, haha.
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