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Default TD Question- 5 year divisions

Anyone who runs PDGA events planning on offering the new 5 year age break divisions?
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I plan to do 10-year breaks, but if a large enough group of players (say, 4) want to "create" a 5-year break without turning another protected division into less than 4 I'll try to accommodate the request.

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I won't be doing this for my event, because I feel like there won't be enough age-protected players anyways. The only way this seems practical is if you have a large field with a large population of age-protected players.
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I'll be lucky if I can fill a single Masters division :/

I'm holding out for the single year breakout divisions, I only want to play with other born during the same year as me.

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I offer all divisions - and do not force players to move "down in age" if they do not want to. Play yourself and the course if you want . . . of on smaller events make the choice of where to play day of show.

As an elder - I rarely find events that offer my division but when I do I tend to travel to find other elders.
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I won't be offering them at my "normal" events- seems counterproductive to divide what are already smallish divisions. I am thinking about offering them at our new big am event (Spotsy Amateur Championship (SpAm)- 200 plus players hopefully- not on the scale of HB's event yet ) but leaning against for that as well.

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I see no real reason for any tournament to add 55+ or 65+ unless it is hosting in excess of 200 players OR it is an age-protected only tournament.

At my two PDGAs this year (72 and 80 player fields), I had a total of 7 players aged 50 or more, all playing MG1. Four of those players are, or will be in 2018, 60+. I'm planning to add MA60 next year because of that. No reason to further divide the field with an MA55 option as well.
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Hell no. There are enough divisions already.
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I won't be adding them either. It's kind of absurd, but I probably go against the grain with age protected AMs in that they shouldn't exist. There are ratings for that, an 825 rated player is am 825 rated player whether they are 35 or 45. I think there should only be age protected for Juniors, strictly because there are some kids that shouldn't be playing with some adults, and pro age protected divisions.
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At the maximum I would offer the 55+ division. You "might" have around 25 PDGA competitive Amateurs above the age of 50 in the general area depending on how many people want to travel for a 3 day event. Or how many Pros want to play in this awesome event.

You probably already know the following but it is a slow day at work. The following events that had registrations above the normal 72 players had the following numbers players in amateur divisions in +50 divisions. I would assume that maybe half of them are above the age of 55.

Loriella 7
Couple of Days 9
Loco 17
Fall Colors 10

I would think you would be hard pressed to fill a card in the 65+ division given that none of these events had anyone register for Advanced Senior Grandmaster last year.

So it would be around 20 in one division or dividing that group in half with a 55+ division.
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