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Default grip like someone pulling

I kept looking for the reference but these threads are long.

I think it was Bradley Walker who said you have to hang on more strongly, like someone was going to pull the disc out of your hand. Apologies if I'm misquoting him or anybody.

If someone were going to take my disc, or if I were trying to get it away from my dog (who will retrieve a disc but is reluctant to let it go) I wouldn't squeeze the flight plate between thumb and finger. I would hook my fingers under the rim. ???
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I agree. This is something I've been thinking about for the past few weeks.

If you pinch the top & bottom of the flight plate, then the only sideways force you can exert on the disc is friction. The up and down pinching forces basically fight eachother, and they don't directly put any net force on the disc.

Conversely, when you push on the inner surface of the rim, that applies a direct normal force in the sideways direction. This does not require any friction; you could have the slipperiest disc in the world and it would still be easy to accelerate it sideways.

Now, a firm grip can use both pinching and the direct sideways push; they aren't mutually exclusive. More options to gain control are a good thing. I just find it interesting to think about the different types of forces in play and how they compare to each other.
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I was reevaluating my power grip last week and came to the conclusion that the majority of my grip I was hoping would come from the thumb and index finger pinch. I hen watched a Schusterick video where he said the majority of pros don't even really tuck the index finger (I was like WTF? Really?), he went onto say it's mostly the middle fingers and down that do the gripping. Someone said that the middle finger was the strongest finger, so it made sense to me to focus more of my grip strength on my middle finger, ring finger, and pinky. So I changed my grip when the pads of those three fingers are really pressing on the inside rim of the disc, and my index finger isn't fully tucked, but still under the rim (the bead resting on my finger crease). So now I have 3 fingers underneath doing most of the gripping, and still have a pinch going on and I would say it's felt like the grip is much stronger now.
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Climo talking about controlling the disc and trying to take it away and clean release:

Chris Max former world record distance holder showing his loose fan grip:
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