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My first ace was total skill and a touch of luck. Luck because it was an extremely wooded hole and you have to hit the line perfectly. A lot of folk's used to throw Tommy's and thumbers to just get thru. I hit the perfect S line with an old pearly beast that crashed full on chain. I talk about this hole in the past tense...the hole was the old #5 at Tocobaga DGC in Maximo Park...one of 2 holes that were pulled on this course.
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I was in my first year of disc golf. I was 17 and still in high school.

I was at hole 17 at my local course. A downhill hole to the left. I didn't have a lot of power back then so I threw my Fairway Driver(Banshee). Threw it down the right side and it was a low shot.When it got to the bottom it hit the dirt skipped and nailed the chains.

Now 14 years later and I have 15 aces. 3 I got in my first year when I had no idea what I was doing lol
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Two summers ago. Hole #12 at Hiestand Park in Madison. Downhill, 210 feet, sharp right turn. Threw a star firebird forehand - low release stayed about 4-5 feet off the ground on the way down, hit the dirt about 20 feet away from the pin and skipped right into the chains. My first and only.
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Kentwood hole 16 star orc lol
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Originally Posted by Mattallica View Post
Kentwood hole 16 star orc lol

2 miles away at Centennial. hole #5 Star Wraith.
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First ace was a cubby ace (third throw) on the Flyboy Hangar shot about a month ago.

First "official" ace during a round was about 3 weeks ago with a DX Condor, Sandy Creek hole 14.

And then I hit another ace 2 weeks ago during dubs at McCurry Park, hole 6 ... called the hole and disc 5 days previous ... took home $411

... all of this was after 3 years of playing with only a couple throws that had hit basket.
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It's a combination of luck and skill. You have to have the skill to have the disc land near the basket, and the luck to have it stick. I probably catch metal 10 times off the tee for every ace.

Sometimes it is downright skill though. My first ace with my ESP Comet, and my first ace ever, I actually failed to hyzer flip the disc and it held the hyzer line straight to the basket (hole 14 shorts to white pins at Token Creek). My second ace with the same disc (almost exactly one year later), I was actively discing up to make a run at the basket, and I called the shot before I threw it (also hole 14, but short tees at Hiestand this time). It was still luck that it found the basket and stuck, but there was more skill involved than my first ace with that disc.

If you're going to go for an ace, sometimes you have to disc up to make sure you're getting to the basket on the fly.
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With all the different kinds of aces (cubby, black, mully, etc..) isnt their a name for your first ace. Cherry Ace? Virgin Ace?
What about the first ace ever on a course or a hole?

Any way my, Cherry Ace was a Karma Ace both good and bad...
The course i designed i put in one super short hole, its guarded by some trees but its only 126 feet, its part of the easy 9 designed for the beginner discin campers at our park (the other 9, soon to be 18, are much longer with a blue and gold layout). So the good karma was shortly after opening the easy 9, after several months of designing/flagging/mapping, 2 months of chainsawing and brush-hogging, 5 stretched out chainsaw chains, 3 tick bites and a leg full of poison ivy, I got the first known ace on the course during leauge play and won $36 from the ace pot. The bad karma was that when ever any one asks me if I ever got an ace I gotta tell them how short it was and that i'm the one that designed such a short hole. The boys call it my kiddie ace.
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