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Default Causes of early release?

I’m just wondering what the likely causes of releasing early are? This is currently the most common error I make when I miss my line. I can think of 3 broad categories:

1) Alignment - Obviously if you line up to left of your actual line (RHBH), you are going to send it on an “early” line. I don’t think this is my issue.
1b) Plating too “wide” - I think just falls under alignment at release, but it seems to cause the same issue.
2) Grip issues - the literal early release cause by the disc slipping out early. I think this might be an issue, but I’m not sure then what the fix would be? It does seem to happen more with wider rims, which makes me suspect this is a big part of my problem.
3) Some sort of form issue - strong arming? Nose up? Something else? Not sure what the candidates really are.
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I'm interested in the answers also.
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The last time I was having some struggles with this issue, a buddy unknowingly filmed me. It was absolutely alignment on the pad in comparison to my desired line. Maybe you could consider it strong arming also because I was having to bring the disc around myslef to actually hit my line. I would've denied it vehemently without the video evidence. Focusing on the direction of my run up made instant improvement.
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For me it’s almost always the same thing. Timing. Specifically swinging too early and before my weight has properly shifted. It’s caused by strong arming I think.

I’ve been working on the sw22 drill Elephant Walk. That one really gets me in the right cadence and swinging through on my front leg.

That’s my early release flaw and how I am trying to address it. YMMV
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Most often it is a sign that I am getting tired. Second most often it is a grip issue....this summer, mostly sweating hands in the heat. I use a birdie bag, but sometimes get lazy or complacent and don't do the prep work. Less often it is a footwork, hip, timing problem.
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With me it is the depth and or wide 11+ speed rim or Deeps to the disc that causes me to have the disc griped into hand longer if gripping too hard. But here are other examples of discs with too much grip. If he disc has grip in the case of a Jawbreaker plastic Disc has extra grip in temps above 90 F. Last is the newer R-Pro type DX the Dragon uses sometimes is tacky especially if a bit wet, probably the same for R-Pro but I have yet to use the disc. I have small hands about kids XL/XXL to adult X-Small/Small depending on the size so I do get the bigger disc rims ether deep or wide in my hands stuck if I grip too hard when driving. The other is what happens to most so I do not worry about that with the disc.
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Combination of grip and strong-arming most likely. As with every question, posting a video of the example is the only real way to answer what exactly is going on in any individual's case.
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For me, it is timing.

When I'm hitting my line and getting my best distance, I feel like I'm being really patient with my pull. If I get a too amped up or impatient, my arm gets out ahead and I run out of time to get planted and pull thru. And I hyzer out short and left of my target.

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If the disc starts slipping out I know I’m trying to throw to fast. It took me a long time to learn that I was loosing the feeling of the weight of the disc and that I had slack in the “ball on the string” from not getting the disc to settle or levitate on the back swing. Once I slow back down I can get the throw back under control. I understand now that repetitions with better control will lead to further distance down the line.

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