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Good call on the pairing the Jawbreaker Zone with the ESP Zone. I find the ESP ones to glide about as well as a brick.
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Just a quick update...nothing too drastic but here it is:

Putters: I dropped the Soft Judge and added a Nova that I had kicking around. My approaches and jumpers have been much more on point with it bh. It is kind of clunky to use FH which is something I am learning to live with. I can still use the Lucid if it is completely necessary. Also I dropped the ESP Zone. It simply saw no shots now that I have the Jawbreaker. This jawbreaker zone is everything I have ever wanted from a utility disc and more. I lean on it for so so many things.

Mids: I put a Flying Squirrel (heavy one) back in to compliment the Compass' until they get beat in a little more. Still loving them, but I REALLY missed having a true understable mid. It is an excelent trick shot disc for me (stand still awkward stances, hyzer flip to roller, grenade, etc...)

Drivers: Dumped the champ eagle, XXX's, and Terns. I added in a Few Escapes and a Felon. The Escapes have been on POINT for me lately. I have one that is super over stable, one that is super worn eagle like (flexes naturally), and one that just goes right. They are all relatively new too, which is weird, but for now they are doing work and I am going to stick with them. I am not that big of a fan of the Felon OH, but it has been much more consistent for me BH hyzer lines and basically no change on FH drives and approaches. I find the BH hyzer more important and when the time calls for a OH line I will put one of my DX Eagles out on a thumber or the Zone out on a Hammer.

So yeah. This change has me scoring pretty well and I am enjoying it overall. The allstar of the bag is the putter lineup. Judges, Nova, Zone is KILLING it for me on scoring shots. Making the holes feel shorter than they are. I have the confidence right now that no matter how bad the drive, I am going to get up and down.
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My bag has seen some pretty major revisions. For a few reasons. One being that I had a rediculously bad year for lost discs. It was only a matter of time....but dang. I lost exactly zero discs the previous 4 seasons. This year...ive lost 10. Several of them looked/felt like good shots and then I turned the corner...and gone. So anyway here it goes.

Putters: I have dropped the Judges and gone back to the Wizards. I experienced several brutal roll aways on chainouts with the Judges through the early bit of the season. I had my old stack of Wizards and decided to work them out on my practice basket mid season...and its been Wizards ever since. Ive been BANGING putts with them. I am also loving the flight when thrown. Feel is worse than Judges but everything else for my game is a pro.

SS Wizard - Circle Putts
SSS Wizard (170g) - Jump and Spin Putts
Beat in SS Wizard - S/US Driving Putter/backhand approach
Fairly New Eraser Wizard - Main Driving putter
Jawbreaker Zone - Main fh mid/approach disc. Most thrown disc in bag. LOVE this zone.

Mids: Another major revision to the bag...this one mostly due to the fact that I have lost every seasoned Ranch I have. Pretty big shock to my game this year. That said...put the comets back in and it has been pretty nice. Especially with Wizards handling some Roc type shots for me. As a note...every mid I have is now the freaking brightest most neon version of whatever color I could freaking find. No more losing discs hopefully.

Champ Shark3 - OS Mid, awesome tight flex lines.
Z Comet - Workhorse mid. Very true stable.
ESP Comet - S/US mid. Nice hyzerflip woodsy mid.

Drivers: This is the slot in my bag that has changed the least. Still rocking a DX Eagle-X cycle from OS to roller. Only revision really is that I carry a Champ EX now as a mini firebird/fh flex machine. The XXX's were both lost and I am now rocking a FD3. Loving the disc so far. Really nice glidey OS flight for me. Terns have been taken out as well for a couple Orcs (1 champ, 1 pro) that cover distance duties. They don't go quite as far but they hold up to the wind a bit better and feel nicer in my hand.

So there it is. Its been a weird season. Played the best golf I have ever played (including sub par at Flip City)...but also lost a bunch of discs and had several of my discgolf buddies move away. Bitter sweet for sure.
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