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By rolling the wrist under, do you mean turning it palm up? Nates throw looks like it starts palm down and releases Palm left.
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Originally Posted by DougCrawford View Post
By rolling the wrist under, do you mean turning it palm up? Nates throw looks like it starts palm down and releases Palm left.
Palm down, so you can see the back of your hand all the way around. The follow through is cut off, but you can see his palm rotating down in the followthrough.
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You can really see the roll under in big jerm's throw.

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I know a couple pros who do the deep thumb but bend their thumb to the point where the thumbnail jabs into to the flight plate (depressing the plate) when driving discs. These are guys who do this even with putters and can throw putters 300+ft easily.

One guy was sponsored by DISCRAFT and has these old comets that have permanent marks by the thumbnail jabbing into the flight plate.

What I noticed is that no disc is too overstable for these guys who use that grip, manifested by easy 375ft beefy champ firebird throws, but also they can throw putters and understable mids 350ft too.
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Originally Posted by DiscLoser View Post
This was the first instructional video I ever watched when I picked up the game. I used this grip for a while, but because my overall form was terrible, and I never worked at improving it until recently, I never managed to be able to get the full potential of this grip. I've since moved on to to way Climo grips, but I'm gonna go back on the field and give this grip another shot, now that my form is much better than before.
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I really like the results I had at practice this evening with the DFP and the thumb push/wrist roll. I was getting my Mako3 out to about 275 or so which is about 25 feet more than before. I still need to play with the thumb position and the wrist roll timing. I could really feel when the timing was right and when I missed it. I could definitely see the flight difference too. I threw a few drivers and it felt good but will need more work with those on the timing and the release height. I was liking using the three finger grip but will definitely need to compare with the four finger grip before deciding which to go with.
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I've always wondered about how it looks like Paul and Nikko choke up on the disc when gripping it, and how it looks like it points nose up while their wrist is relaxed. But like an idiot I never tried it as I like having that pinch point feel. I have to say this type of grip feels great on fairways and wider rims, especially with the comment that the leverage of the opposite edge will help with thumb pressure during a throw. I can't wait until I can get to a field next to try it out.
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I tried this yesterday evening with putters... stood 2-3 houses down in the street and threw hyzers to a basket in my front yard. Tried a slow 2-step from 3 houses down and sailed past my house into the neighbors yard. Got it dialed in though. Very easy to throw on clean lines with no wobble - I feel I can control the plane and release angle better and in doing so, truly telegraph the hyzer/anhyzer by tilting my body rather than the disc.
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I experimented with this grip a couple of years ago. For me, it seems to work best with a very low pull through. I couldn't use that grip while pulling through high around my chest. With a low pull through, rolling under at the hit seems to happen naturally.

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