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Default disc reviews

Does anyone else think that you should state how far a disc flies (for you) when giving a review on how it performs?

Those that are new to the sport will be seriously confused with what people write on here if there are no distances to help give the review a little more context.
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"Beat DX Beast is best driver ever! Easy S-curve max D!"

I suppose I agree. Most of us on here know enough to give distances and ignore or question those that don't. For putters and lower speed mids, however, the distances aren't quite as important.
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Yes, it is helpful. Like if I tell you a Roc for me has some turn and a reliable fade. It helps if you know I throw them 320-340.

A new player who throws mids 180-220 will see no turn and possibly be misled.

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Elevation should be mentioned if you're not near sea level.

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Damn beat me to it Grip.. Elevation is huge! Just as important as your distance..

That's something I like about Joe's universal flight chart it helped me understand what was in my wheelhouse for distance.. I'm about middle of the road or weaker on the MVP flight path....

(Internet distance x 0.75) - (5% x every 1000ft above sea level) = Actual distance

I think it is also helpful to know deep woods players from open course players and torque monkeys..

I don't like the Comet its too understable it can't handle my snap at 200'.. I always keep an eye out for certain people that I know throw my sort of distance and ability... and often ignore the rest.

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When a person gives a generalized statement about a disc's performance, without distances, it is pretty much useless to me. I want objective, measurable information.

And, I just shake my head at people who post that their disc went forever, or a mile, or some other statement that is obviously not credible. Such statements actually give me the opposite impression from what the person intended. When I read these statements, I picture the person getting maybe 200 ft distance(once), then posting in these forums about the fantastic distances that the disc gets. I just do not want to believe that someone with actual talent would talk about a disc's flight in a nonsensical way.

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I think if you mention how far a disc flies when YOU throw it then you should also make mention of YOUR average distance with discs of that category.
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I think you should state how far it flies, whether you’re thowing the disc forehand or backhand, the plastic the disc is made of and the weight.

After having purchased far too many discs, and having written a few reviews; I’ve decided to cease writing them, or at least try to resist the urge. I have come to the conclusion that the variability in discs is simply too great to make reviews meaningful. My experiences are just anecdotal. I haven’t purchased enough discs of any one mold to arrive at a conclusion about said mold.
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Originally Posted by GripEnemy View Post
Elevation should be mentioned if you're not near sea level.
Or if you are near sea level! I'm sick of all this "sea level is standard" nonsense.

If you were to calculate the average altitude of all disc golf holes, you'd find that it's significantly above sea level. For that reason, using sea level as a typical elevation for disc performance is ludicrous.

Also, people should definitely include temperature and relative humidity when they describe how a disc performs. Otherwise there are just too many unknown variables, and the information is useless.

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Disc review of [fill in any non putter disc here]:
" Flies straight and true with a dependable amount of fade at the end. Great in headwind, but also has a sustainable amount of glide. Fits comfortably in my hand"

TBH, there is nothing learned from reading about 99.7% of disc reviews. The best method to review a disc is to go to the shop and throw. To believe anyone's review is to buy a disc that likely won't work for you
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