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My niece who is only one is fascinated with how the discs look. She even has proper grip. She threw a mini the other day, and she can't even speak.

Awesome, makes an uncle proud.
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Originally Posted by Brokensaint View Post
If you have kids, take them out. See if it sticks. Even if they play with rocks and sticks, get them out there.
^^indeed. my oldest (4 in Oct) goes out with me pretty regularly and as long as I remember snacks he is usually down for a full 18. most of the time he is more focused on building tiny construction sites at the pads with a couple hot wheels trucks, but I did learn to give him "his own" disc after he claimed my primary putter the first time out. my youngest (6 weeks yesterday) had a mini in hand before he left the hospital

kids belong outside, in the dirt and seeing the natural world. my local course is no National Park, but it sure beats watching tv.
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You don't want to exercise your kids too much, because what happens is that eventually
they start to like the way they feel and then they just get stronger and stronger until they kick your ass at basketball, soccer, tennis, DG, softball, canoeing, hiking and whatever else comes along.

Then they laugh at you.
Which is nice.
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Originally Posted by BrotherDave View Post
Playing with you does sound exhausting.
You have NO idea!
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My son has been fondling discs since the day he was born in 1995. He would play a few holes when he was little, but he was more interested in the playgrounds after a few holes. Like op said, it would knock him out that night though.

When he was about 12-13 yrs old he really started to get the bug to play all of the time at the little 9 holer we have in the middle of town. From then on, him and his friends would play the 9 holer every day during the summer. I believe it kept most of them out of trouble.

They now call themselves the Driesner Rats based on Driesner Park where the 9 holer is at. Most of them are around 19 yrs old now and they are all good at the game with many still improving. It's been amazing watching them progress. Many of them can throw well over 400' with a couple that can bomb over 500' (no exaggeration). It's been said that they are all seasoned vets already.

Many of them graduated high school this year and all of them have senior pictures with discs and baskets. It sure made me proud going to all of the graduation parties this year! Moral of the story is this: keep them playing and get their friends involved. I'm now trying to get my 14 yr old daughter and a couple of her friends playing. I'll admit, it's not as easy with the girls.

My son is the first in the list below and the rest are his friends all under 20 yrs old, and this is just the friends that have signed up with the PDGA.

Alec Anderson 46872 Am Austin MN USA
Jordan Castro 49431 Am Austin MN USA
William Bednar 49869 Am Austin MN USA
Adam May 51801 Am Austin MN USA
Collin Bailey 52115 Am Austin MN USA
Lance Wallis Jr 53876 Am Austin MN USA
Dylan Benson 53887 Am Austin MN USA
Ryan Lysne 54309 Am Austin MN USA
Trevor White 58332 Am Austin MN USA
S.T. Hastings 62737 Am Austin MN USA
Derek Denisen 65392 Am Austin MN USA
Lucas Hegna 65608 Am Austin MN USA
Jesus Moreno 66426 Am Austin MN USA
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My son is 3 and comes with me every week for at least 18 holes a day. He loves it, he only putts really but he loves being outside and the game is growing on him, he actually asks me to play now.
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... and here I was thinking it was just a way to spend quality time with my children.
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Originally Posted by BogeyNoMore View Post
... and here I was thinking it was just a way to spend quality time with my children.
Quality time can make them tired...win-win.
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I am fortunate enough to live on a large property so I get to play a little everyday even if it's just a couple of throws in the yard. My daughter who is about to turn two has been out there with me almost every day since she was about 6 months old. It definitely wears her out every time especially now that it's summer and we go swimming after. I don't know if she will ever be a serious player but she seems to have a blast so that's about all I can ask for.
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My daughter doesn't always play every hole all the way through but will always throw a tee shot and the putt from my placement. For a 5 year old she actually has a pretty good thumb roller and is getten better with her backhand. On the downhill holes she can get close to 100 ft. On a roll. Mostly about 40-50 with the backhand though.

Main thing is we have fun walking around in the woods and talking about whatever questions pop into her head.
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