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Originally Posted by bsammons View Post
Wait, it's the matrix core or the axis core? (Beaded or nonbeaded)?
Vertex core = Axis core. Don't know if it's beaded or not... that'd be determined by the overmold. Never seen one personally.
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Originally Posted by ZAMson View Post
No, there are basically 4 overmold blends: one matched to Electron, one experimental urethane with Plasma vibes that can go on anything but Electron, the normal urethane that goes on Neutron/Proton/Fission/Plasma, and then a glow version of urethane used for Eclipse.

The normal black overmold can match to all the urethane/premium plastics. Only Electron/baseline needs its own formula. It only has to match a plastic family, not the subtype of plastic.

Hope that makes sense.
I stand corrected, thanks!
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Originally Posted by thePiRaTE View Post
For interests sake, my findings are generally the same, with notable exceptions. FWIW, I'd read the Plasma Volt was run in a lower PLH mold used for Neutron Volts, rather than the slightly higher PLH mold used for the Proton and Fission Volts which fits your findings.

Speaking generally - With MVP, I rely on weight more than plastic to adjust stability and tend to buy whatever looks easiest to find. That said, all things being equal, I'd buy a Proton to hedge my bets on more stable if that's what I was looking for. It seems to be where the more stable tweak of the Volt sits and potentially any other such tweaks.

Something to keep in mind with overmolding is that it features a core which is produced and cools separate from the wing, so the various cooling rates of Neutron, Proton, etc should have no bearing on the shape of the wing. MVP wings are all molded from the same material (presumably) being all black, which should have the similar cooling rates regardless of core, lending to the homogenous stability and consistency of a mold over various plastics and runs (perhaps their single greatest achievement).

Anyway, that's my take on it - on lunch and felt like rambling...
I suppose for Volts I did notice that Proton Volts were more OS than a normal Volt. Neutron and Fission gave me the best flights. Plasma compliments it well. Anode, Vector, Axis, Ion, Insanity (Axiom), etc. do not have flight changes from Neutron/Proton in my experience. My bag is as follows:
x3 Fission Photon (140g, 150g, and 160g)
x1 Neutron Insanity
x1 Proton Insanity
x2 Fission Volt
x1 Plasma Volt
x1 Neutron Volt
x1 Neutron Clash
x1 Neutron Relay
x2 ESP Buzzz (one heavy for accuracy, one light for drives)
x1 Z Buzzz
x1 Neutron Vector
x1 Proton Vector
x3 Anode (Eclipse Soft, Electron, Plasma)
x1 Classic Soft Warden

I am in the process of swapping out those remaining Anodes for Wardens... Also gonna swap out Vectors for Hornets if I like the one I ordered. As far as MVP goes the Photons are different due to the weight and Plasma Volt is more understable. Fission for me is just longer Neutron.
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Originally Posted by ZAMson View Post
Vertex is based on the Axis/Vector/everything-but-Matrix core. I was wrong and super loud about it, but I had it in my head from a long time ago. It is indeed the oldschool mid core.
Ah, excellent! I hope this means I don't have to invest in the obscene amount of time beating an Axis to nice US flight then not throwing it in fear of losing it. And I do like the tall, wide oldschool mid core for its glide and the fact that it's different enough in feel compared to the fast-core Gyro putters. You know, more like a true mid versus a hybrid.
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With all the recent discussion about plastics, what do guys think about this:


(God I hope the link actually worked, my usual site was down)

So yeah, I was browsing through my local dealer's inventory when I picked this up. At first I though it was just a more opaque proton core with glitter, but then I noticed the Plasma like swirls that are unique to that plastic (at injection point and the four points at the rim)

Are there more like this out there? This core could be a mixture of plasma and proton between different plastic runs BUT I'm almost certain that it was made with plasma mold, because the bottom diameter is just a little bit wider and the inner curve between rim and flight plate is smoother -just like plasma vs. proton/neutron. I'm not sure about the rim though, the toolings were different compared to my old eclipse anode -> I guess it could also be done with plasma mold?

Whether this was intentional test or just a in-between-runs individual, I bought it with no hesitation Would be really cool if this was an actual thing. At least I like the opaque core more for practical purposes.
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Ive seen a lot of blended plasma proton/neutron at gggt and received a few in ordera etc. There were some super nice looking vectors a few months back at gggt.

Being all the plastics seem to share the same mother it doesnt surprise me at all. Used to find some proton/neutron mixed stuff but been a while since Ive ordered proton anything or gone browsing. Nice looking anode!
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OMG I just about fell off my couch laughing when I watched this. Pay attention to the first 15 second or so, lol.
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I can never figure out if there is an X-step in that run up.
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An mvp clipboard....holy crap. From the day they first made the ion, I was hoping that one day they would release an official clipboard for when I record all my scores on my scorecard. This is fantastic. MVP=best company ever.

Dreams do come true, and I never lost faith once.

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Originally Posted by elmexdela View Post
An mvp clipboard....holy crap. From the day they first made the ion, I was hoping that one day they would release an official clipboard for when I record all my scores on my scorecard. This is fantastic. MVP=best company ever.

Dreams do come true, and I never lost faith once.
wait wait wait......Is the clipboard in Proton or Neutron?

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