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I lay up, but I'm not good at this game.
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For me I just look at the area around the basket. Is it grassy, wet/muddy from rain, etc....If I am almost sure it would sit right around it, I go for it. If its something like downhill shots, I tend to lay up.

The weather also is a factor if there is lots of wind. Putting around 8' watching the wind just take the disc then missing the next shot will drive me crazy.

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Originally Posted by KMaC View Post
What do you do when you're at that distance where you know your push-putt will fall 10' short, but you know your spin-putt will burn way past the basket?
The answer to this depends on how you feel about your range with a push putt. I'm fairly comfortable with my normal putt, and not falling/stepping/jumping, out to 40-45'. Outside of that, I'll jump putt. Outside of my jump putt range, I'll spin putt for both laying up or trying to run the basket. Out closer to 100', I'll throw a nice and easy normal upshot.
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Once I get to where I can't use my normal putt (about 40'), I start to throw higher with some anny, and let the putter pull itself out of it. That way I can put some extra power into the throw to get it there, and the disc will help bleed some of it off with it's fade.

Once I get to about 100', I just use a regular fan grip with some nose up. I'm not a very exciting putter.
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I'll use the same core putting motion out to 75' or so. The longer the putt, the more I'm pushing off with my legs and the harder I'm popping it off my fingers. Also adding a little hyzer and aiming high/right. Beyond 75' or so, I'll throw a nose up lid-style stall shot. Or maybe just jump putt as a layup, if it's a tricky green or an elevated basket.

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spin putt softer. or curl the wrist to add some spin to the push putt.
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Holy necrobump. For me:

0 - 35' push putt
35-45' falling putt
45-65' jump putt
> 65' throw-in attempt or layup.

Give or take a few feet . . .

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Originally Posted by Monocacy View Post
Holy necrobump.
^^ This!

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Originally Posted by KMaC View Post
Getting more power behind my push-putt is exactly what I need to do.

How exactly does one go about doing that?
All about the legs man. Once I figured out how pushing into the ground transfers to more putting power, I can shovel putt out to almost 50’ now. It’s all about feeling how the spring from your legs transfers to the disc. I wish I could describe it better.
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Originally Posted by Lewis View Post
Speaking from ignorance (I don't really know whether you'd call me a spin putter or a push putter), here's my mostly worthless advice. If you can't get it there with your regular push putt, turn your hips a bit more, reach back a little farther (in your hip pocket rather than your sternum), aim a little higher and to the right, and give your layup a chance to go in. In both golf and disc golf, I prefer to "die it in the hole." I figure throwing it harder than I need to won't do me any good.
Yes... just going to write this only more simply... I twist my body more by loading my hips with a footing change.

But now I feel the need to do better and elaborate

Short putts my feet line up towards the basket, lead foot pointing, back foot at 90.
Awkward range, my lead foot goes forward and I'm at a 45 to the basket, it gives my a longer reachback under my armpit area
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