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Both ESP and D Buzzzes are often concave on top, which kind of saps their glide and seems to cause the diving behavior that others have talked about when thrown on anhyzers or powered up hyzer flips.

X Buzzzes aren't domey per se, but they have a higher shoulder and aren't quite totally flat like many premium Buzzzes. I find X Buzzzes to have the best glide, the smoothest turn when beat in, and to be longest of all the Buzzzes. Fondle them at the shop if you can. X plastic has been pretty nice lately. I'd recommend going with one of these but...

...If you don't like the X, just grab a D that isn't a sunken top and go to town.
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pro D : actualy i never tried these, but i assume they beat in like hell.
X : will beat into the disc you want within 3 months.
ESP flex : if you get lucky and find a realy elastic one, you may find one that is quite understable even to begin with.
esp : will take long to beat in to what you want. I exchange mine after around 2 years because they dont fade any more at the end, they still go straigth though.

And on a serious sidenote. Comet. Try one. It's the disc you want, just out of the box
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My question is, why force the Buzzz to do something it doesn't do as well as other discs just for the sake of mold minimalism? The Buzzz isn't like the Roc, which was designed as a base plastic mold and excels at beating into a wide range of shots. The Buzzz is made to fly stable and hold lines. It is a great compliment to other line shaping discs like the Meteor or Comet that will flip flat and turn over or flip into a dead straight line with forward penetrating fade the whole time. I'm sure you could get a Buzzz to do that, but it's going to take a lot more work than throwing the Fuse you already have or getting another disc that is better at doing what you need.

I've heard a lot of people saying that ESP Buzzz's are flippy, but I've been throwing the same one pretty much daily for a year and it hasn't changed much. It still doesn't flip flat off a hyzer, and I'm throwing them 300-325 (with the disc on a low hyzer line the whole time), so you'll be waiting awhile to get that ESP thrashed enough to turn over, unless you want to apply some OAT.
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i use my eclipse proton orange Axis for the exact shot your explaining.

You have to use a proton axis for this tho.. the Nuetron ones are more stable and dont work the same for me.

My Eclipse Axis locks into an anny line and seems to do something no other disc can do, it doesn't die and roll away, and it doesn't fade out of the anny half way through. This thing just locks into a line and holds it FOREVER, till it hits the ground. depending on how much power its given it will flatten out to straight and extend distance to the anny shot after the turn but NEVER fades, also allowing it to hit the ground level, so it doesn't roll away from the target, it just sticks.

axis has been my go to turning midrange disc since i first got it.

faster than a buzzz, what i wanted the buzzz to be.
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IF you want a buzzz that flips, get a pro-D. It feels great and has good glide. And when it beats in, it will be money for the type of shots you want. But if the cobra works, then stay with the cobra. But I am thinking that you're wanting a turning buzz because you like the feel of the rim better than the beaded cobra.

Good luck.
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Just go slightly lighter. Whatever plastic you prefer, go down two grams. I'm a Buzzz lover myself and I use a 173 FLX for that shot.
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The Buzzz has been my only mid for a while now. Sometimes I throw in a Roc for more finesse shots but you can definitly find Buzzzs that will do everything. Weight on Buzzzs doesn't matter either. I have some 168's that are very stable. I could be wrong but they seem to go by color, at least in ESP or FLX. Zs kind of follow that trend but not as much. Blues and reds seem the most understable with blue being the most understable. White and green are pretty straight with white being a hair more stable than green and the pinks I have are pretty stable. I'm sure there are exceptions to the rule but I have owned over 100 Buzzzs and this is what I find to be true. I carry a glow Z for stable, a green FLX for straight, and a red FLX that will hold the most beautiful anny. They are all flat topped. The puddle tops will always be more stable.
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i use a glide for what you talking about
i carry a wasp, buzzz, and a glide all in z (so they are all the same) i wish they all came in esp
but for what you want to do, i would get a pro-d and drop some weight like 5g
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Why not just get a Buzzz SS and a bit lighter weight if you're stuck on a Buzzz? Or, you can do like I did and buy an Element that will do exactly what you want but fly another 30' past your Buzzz.
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OK, so this is what I think most of you are saying:

X Buzzz might not be that domey, and if I can find a good one, it could be the best for what I want.

Pro D would also work as well, but I should make sure I don't get a concave one because it won't glide as well.

I'm getting a lot of mixed signals on ESP, though. Some people say it'll do fine (granted, it'll take quite a while to beat in), and some say that it will never actually do what I want. Since I don't want to take the risk (and because it's more expensive, lol), I'll probably not get an ESP Buzzz. Also, I'm not a huge fan of ESP FLX. I love my CryZtal FLX, but for a different kind of shot.

I think I'll just have to decide between X and D when I'm in the store.

Also, is HPL that big of a factor on Buzzzes? I know a lot of people are really anal about HPL...

Also, keep in mind that I know I can get another disc for that shot, but the purpose of this thread is just whether or not I can find a Buzzz to suit my needs, not what other discs I should consider. It won't be the end of the world if I can't get a Buzzz for this shot, but if I can't, I'll probably just stick with my Cobra and not get another disc.

Thanks for all the input, and please keep it up.
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