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i bag a DX Cro a lot. no one seems to understand but me....
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Originally Posted by disclover55 View Post
Innova Moray a cousin of the stingray.
The Moray was one of my favorites years ago. Was sad it went OOP.
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Originally Posted by tbird888 View Post
...I guess I would say the Flying Squirrel. They seem to be popular in used bins, and that's about it. Honorable mention to the Gauge.
Neither stayed in the bag.

Probably the JLS today. Not sure why it doesn't get more love because it's a fantastic mold.

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A few unusual discs that I bag:
Westside Underworld and Tursas in VIP
Cryztal Ringer
Z Zombee
Champ Cheetah
X Storm
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Lately I’ve been bagging a DGA rogue, I don’t see them often. Other than that, I dunno. Maybe my beat to the point most people would throw it away small bead aviar? It’s like 3-4/10 at best, just this side of a dog chewed on it. Love that thing, absurd flippy goodness.
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Originally Posted by BrotherDave View Post

Ditto. Nebula is my go-to rarity, also a polecatter.
Still Polecatting, still Nebulae (two now: 1 fresh, 1 beat).

My bag is getting weirder. I putt with Plutoniums. I'm messing with a MOAB for OS utility. Seer, S-DD, Breaker. Giants and King but I don't know if I'd call them uncommon/unpopular.

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Anyone else bag a Glide? Anyone?...
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Ermmm....maybe my crave? Or matrix? Alias? Insanity? Wrath? My bags all gyro other than my beat up pro beast that i roll. Ions and volts and even anodes arent super uncommon. So yeah...one of the above.
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Upshot 4 sho.
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Originally Posted by Bones2039 View Post
I do have a champ King Cobra, but I still perfer the DX cobras over it. Maybe once it gets a little more seasoned I will like it more.
Unfortunately the Kings will never act like your DX. The old OOP Champs would break into MONEY but the Kings just aren't the same.

Cobra is the best FH approach roller to date

For me, probably the Rattler. Don't see many Cannons or Xcals or Drones when I'm throwing but read about them enough on here.

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