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Originally Posted by JC17393 View Post
On camera. Didn't congratulate her on camera. Just because we didn't see it doesn't mean it didn't happen. I have a very very very hard time believing there's anything but love between the two Paiges, and that they surely had their moments away from the course for congratulations and high fives.

As far as Paige and Cat, let's not forget that that Nice Line episode came together before the whole courtesy warning vs courtesy warning spat at GBO. Things could have changed since then.
Make of it what you will, but PP on Smashboxx said that she has currently not heard from PB. But, the vibe seems good.

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I just re-watched hole 16 from '19 GBO final round. Yeah, that was really bad. And Cat was very fortunate the women ruled her missed put landed in bounds. It sure looked out to me. No excuse for throwing the mini. And Paige's celebration was not over-the-top at all.
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Originally Posted by SD86 View Post
I don't think it's just the 'yips', which in golf ball golf is often a longer-term thing. And even in Worlds and the past few tournaments, she's hit some great longer putts. It's been those short putts, literally near-drop-ins, that she's inexplicably missed.
Cat has specifically said that it is the yips. and it's been going on for 2 years.

Originally Posted by ThunderEagle View Post
As for not having a Caddie, on a recent PDGA Radio, Sara Sinclair mentioned that Cat feels like caddies and carts shouldn't be allowed on tour and that you should have to carry your own bag.

I suppose you could argue that if they are allowed and you are not taking advantage of it, especially during a 5 round tournament in the humid Midwest in August, that you are not putting yourself in the best position to win.

this is so foolish. it's definitely not putting yourself in the best position to win and it's actually pretty childish.

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I listened to PP interview on Smashboxx, and Paige really seemed more mad that Terry would even ask about it or bring that up in the first place. Seemed that Paige didn't want to put anyone in a negative light.

Cat is enigmatic for sure. All I know, and all I can comment on, is that she is a really good golfer.
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Originally Posted by VictorB View Post
Seemed that Paige didn't want to put anyone in a negative light.
nah, she called Cat "silly" early on, I think it was more like "this shizzle is about me, let's not bring her up again". Justifiably so, 5x.

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Originally Posted by Streets View Post
no love lost at least
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Originally Posted by DiscFifty View Post
She posted back in June that she was taking a break from social media that her mental health was more important, etc, etc. I have no idea if her and Austin Hannum are still a couple, but if they are not that could have taken a toll on her lately. Maybe I missed it due to skipping around the coverage, but she seemed to be alone on the course, did anyone notice any friends/family around her? No doubt she has the talent to play strong for years to come and if the only thing she has to do is land a few more putts from 15ft in, no doubt she well. I just hope she wants to, the FPO division is better with her playing. I think a change of sponsor (sparking a positive new challenge in her life) might be a good thing.
skimming through and I saw this and didn't see a reply.

I can't recall which round, but at least one of the worlds rounds you can definitely see Austin following Cat as she walks up the fairway. It was a camera shot where it shows her and the gallery behind her. I tried looking for it again but really can't recall when it was.

Regardless, I hope that it's just the yips / nerves getting her and not off-the-course / personal issues holding her back. Because say what you will about her attitude, she definitely is one of the premier talents and makes the FPO division a lot more interesting, and I hate to see anyone be derailed by personal problem / hardships.

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Just here to say that I love her form, in both the primary (her throwing style) and secondary (I'm not fooling anyone, it's the real primary) sense. Beautiful gal with beautiful form. Happy for the LV win! Somebody tell her to stop missing 10 footers though. Dear grief.

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If she'll just get her putting down, Catrina could truly dominate the FPO. Even over Paige Pierce. Please practice your putting, Cat!

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