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Default Flat top stalkers...do they exist?

Is there such thing as a flat top Stalker? And I mean "flat-top-Buzzz" type flat. My Stalker has a medium dome to it, and I'd like to find one that is flat.
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I have one that I got on here that is an esp stalker. It is all white with just a blue discraft logo on top. Extremely flat! I also have a first run z one but like yours, it has a dome. I believe the gentleman who got it on here, who also got about 24 others, got them from Worlds last year. sO... try to get an esp one. Good luck!
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My elite z is ridiculously flat compared to my other drivers ill check it out tomorrow and see if its as flat as you want cause if your interested i'd trade it
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Quickly looked at black and white ESPs, 6 fr's, a cryztal, and a stock run. They all looked about the same. I had one fr blue 176 that was a lil flatter then the others but I think it's just wear.
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They exist. I have a first run yellow z Stalker that is completely flat. I can put a ruler on top of the flight plate and not see under it. It is also the one of my Stalkers that I love the most. It is noticeably more stable than its more domey brethren.

I'd also like some more of these, but I haven't seen a regular production one this flat yet (although I haven't seen a great sampling of them anyway). I hope there are production Stalkers like this, as it would be sad if it was just a first run thing.
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I've noticed that the z glo ones are a little bit flatter than the regular z ones.
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Originally Posted by aarikc17 View Post
I've noticed that the z glo ones are a little bit flatter than the regular z ones.
Was just going to say this.

All of the yellow first runs I've seen were super flat. The production run Z ones tend to arch up a little bit more between the outside edge up until the inside of the rim...but are FLAT after that...i got 3 from DGC a few weeks ago and they're all perfect.

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I have 2 super flat white esp protos. I'm talking z flick flat. These2 are the meathooks of the stalker bunch . I actually carry 1 and a semi flat glo z in the bag. The esp an handle wind like nobodys busibess. Though I wouldn't expect all esp's to be super flat.most of mine have a big shoulder but flat across the board.
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