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Default Rough Patches

One of the perks of having been new to the sport this past year is that I've been able to see a relatively steady improvement. I've had a bad round or three, but regular-though-not-ideal play (2-4 times a week), focused practice, and technique advice from a variety of sources has seen my game improve tremendously. I've built a bag that I'm happy with (and is increasingly stable), seen my average and max distance climb to 300' and 325' respectively (which I'm proud of relative to how long I've been playing, DGCR 600' cannons be damned - all of that is usable golf D), and increased my putting comfort zone tremendously.

But lately (~past month) I've hit a rough patch, the first of my infant "career." Most aspects of my game have been more inconsistent, to say nothing of my scores. I can't point to any one thing that has been the cause for this rough patch; it seems to be here on its own devices.

Conceptually, I get that there are ebbs and flows to ones game. But it's a different animal going through one for the first time. Do any of you more experienced DGCRers have any thoughts, commiserations, or advice? One thought that keeps running through my head was a comment by a professional poker player about going through losing streaks: she said that the toughest part about them is not changing the way you play just for the sake of change, and simply being consistent, tweaking what's necessary, and trusting that fortunes will reverse.

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I think the best advice is to never stop analyzing your throws. Don't make any huge changes to your form or anything, but having an awareness of how you have released a disc and correlating that to how the disc flew will allow you to learn from both your bad throws and your good ones. If you don't understand why you had a bad throw you won't improve.
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It sounds like you are serious about the sport. And perhaps that's the problem. Or at least a part of it. Take a step back and chill. Play more casually. In your serious approach maybe you forgot what brought you here in the first place. The fun. Sit back and watch the pretty frisbees fly.

Sometimes the best way to move forward is to take a step back.
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OP: I'm not a veteran player, but you just described my arc as well!

As long as you continue to enjoy the game, and get that thrill when you watch a disc you've thrown perform its gorgeous flight through the air (if only once a round), I'd say, just keep on playing for fun.

Occasionally, I just decide to throw a one disc round, or a forehand only round, knowing that it won't be one to compare with my more 'serious' attempts, but will gradually help the weaker parts of my game.

I've got mixed feelings about the few times I've gone to a true pitch and putt to boost my ego. Sure, there were aces and incredibly low scores, but tainted, you know? But even a professional ball golfer could enjoy the local putt putt if taken with the right perspective.

Long story short: if every trip out there becomes drudgery, a break may be in order. But if you still get the thrill, play through the slump.
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Everybody has a slump. I'm just working out of one that consisted of me playing worse than I was over a year ago (in tournaments). My advice would be to work outward from the basket. Putt, putt, and putt some more so that you are confident in that area. Work on upshots and getting yourself close to the basket, and so on. The better you are close to the basekt, the more consistent you will be.

This is all my opinion, not fact.
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Default Just keep playing...

We're in the same boat... playing just over a year and serious tournament player for right at a year. I hit a wall 3 or 4 months ago where I'd have a great round followed by a super tank round... 100 points ratings dip usually. So it seemed my game had peaked.

But I kept going to the course everyday at lunch and putting every night at home. It's paid off with my first win, my first under par round (at AmWorlds no less!), and a lot more consistency in league. I FOCUS a lot more now. I ready to move up and take on the Intermediate crowd now.
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Every so often I get into a state where my form purely goes bad and doesn't feel right, when this happens I put the discs down and step away for a couple weeks. Come back and go throw a casual round or two with no expectations and it's all good again.
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As it has been said before, everyone has bad days. Sometimes things just feel a bit "off." I recommend just picking one aspect of your game to work on and really work on it. Don't worry too much about score.

Also, I think that investing time on learning fundamentals goes a long way towards consistency. I have played with some decent players who have non-traditional technique, but most of them are about as good as they will ever be because their bad days are really bad. Watch tournament videos and instructional videos of pros and try and understand what they do during the throw. If you get burnt out on analyzing the throw, work on developing a pre-shot routine. Trusting in a consistent pre-shot routine is the best way to end slumps in my experience.
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Ding a semi professional poker player I know that what makes a good player is how he/she handles losing streaks.

My question is are you scoring badly. Throwing badly? Both?

I know just this morning I played a round and I felt I had never held a disc before. Just felt alien. Odd thing was that It was my 2nd best round of my young dg life rating-wise.

I'll go against the grain here . . .

relax and just have fun. Go back to basics. Stop over thinking and aiming. Play a round without keeping score. Sometimes people get TOO serious.
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As many people have said, try to keep it relaxing and fun. That's a pretty obvious one. But try to stay open minded and figure out the source of this. It could just be stress or over exhaustion, or it could be something else. I myself, found out I do way better when I've had a decent amount to eat in the few hours before a round. Subway seems to work best (that may be a mental thing though, I'm not sure).
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