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Old 03-07-2022, 07:40 AM
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Originally Posted by the1discChallenge View Post
What distance do you use these for and how do they fly? I've seen some reviews that they're straight and some that they're flippy
They will flip up if you ask them to but they are pretty good at holding a line. Usually not more than 325' unless downwind/downhill. It sometimes goes a lot farther than I expect though.

I bag a 1.8 as a more stable compliment if I need to throw harder.
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Straight/hyzer/anhyzer/turnovers, forehand or backhand, for long shots and short shots

It really can do it all very well. It might not be the best at everything, but I've been saying for years it's the single best golf disc every made...as long as it's not too windy.

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MD3. It’s straight stable, not OS. Holds anny almost to the ground and pans. Doesn’t turn with high speed, and also great in the wind. Wind is where it puts away the Buzzz, Origin and Hex, and Comet- but it also point and shoot in no wind. Downside: no hyzer flips.
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Truth or Roc are my preferences. I like the Buzz, but it has a little less glide IMO and slightly deeper lip, so doesn't fit my hand as well as the Truth or the Roc. In my bag it's the Truth. It's a straight shooter with upper management potential.
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My four year old Biofuzion Emac Truth is that disc for me. If I ever lost it, I would throw a regular (non-Emac) Truth in the bag as a gap-filler and would start beating the snot out of my backup Biofuzion Emac Truth.

The Roc/Roc3 molds have the reputation as being the best cycling/do everything mid, but I hate how the Roc comes out of my hand on flicks and didn't care for how much they fade relative to how little headwind resistance they provide. Roc does win the cheat code to an insta-cycle by having the better baseline disc though. Trilogy mids mold up disgustingly flat in baseline plastic.
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Old 03-07-2022, 10:04 AM
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Opto Fuse

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Default Origin

For me it is the Origin. I have two in the bag right now. One very beat-in in Neo plastic that is great for US shots and straight to US hyzerflips depending on speed. The other is a lightly used Kyle Klein Midnight Prowl in Meta Plastic that is straight to stable. Still hyzer-flips, but has a more dependable finish. It will absolutely hold a line whether hyzer, anhyzer, or flat.

Working on an MD3 too, but I just don't have anywhere as many throws with it so the trust isn't quite there yet.
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Old 03-07-2022, 10:19 AM
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Lonestar Middy, goofy name/serious flight.

The glow version is a very straight disc that will hold a turn for a long time if you want it to, and hold a hyzer well. Like a shallower tick more stable Buzzz.

The Alpha plastic is pretty beefy almost like a Pyro. It’s got some glide but will always fade and is flat enough to forehand pretty well.
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The 9 year old z buzzz in my bag fills this slot. It flies very similarly to a fresh SS.
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My Star Mako3 is my favorite, but I also use my Claymore in Frost plastic quite a bit, it really sticks to the ground and minimal roll aways.
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