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Default 6x3 - a simple drill that improved my putting rapidly

I’m sure this just reinventing something discovered a million times before, but I found this drill really helpful for improving my consistency on shorter putts and extending my range.

I call it the 6x3 drill.

Mark off 6 stations, at 5 foot intervals from the basket. I used some closeline tied to the base of my practice basket and Alpine Butterfly knots to mark off the distances. That way I can move my stations or the basket around easily.

Now, take 3 putters and simply putt at each station until you make the required number of putts at each station. Don’t use more, as the walk to the basket forces you to reset and encourages you to go through your pre-putt routine. You don’t have to make the putts in a row, or make a certain percentage. I wouldn’t even keep track of the percentages. Just putt until you make the required number.

5 feet - 3 putts
10 feet - 6 putts
15 feet - 9 putts
20 feet - 12 putts
25 feet - 15 putts
30 feet - 18 putts

The increased number of putts you have take at more distance will do more, and faster, to improve the shorter putts than just trying to make those shorter ones.

As 5 and 10 feet are now automatic, and 15 almost always so, I’ll likely move my stations back 5 feet soon. Although I also need to start working on the drill with straddles, awkward footing, etc.
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