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Default Help choosing discs for a group of newbies

Hey all.
I have recently been in contact with the leaders of a local group of young adults that get together occasionally for various fun activities. For instance, a group of 21 of them went to a local climbing gym recently to try that out that activity for the first time. The leaders are always looking for new ideas, so I explained to them that there is this fun game called disc golf. None of them had heard of it, but they have expressed interest in getting together to play a round at a local course later this month. So, I am looking into ordering some discs that will be good for the group that will show up. It is impossible to know exactly who will show up, and I don't know any of them, but expect most of them to be in their 20s, where perhaps a small number have some prior athletic experience, but where most are probably not very active.

I will be choosing a pile of discs that will hopefully be good first-time discs for these newbies. I am purchasing the discs myself, so I am going to choose just base plastic models in order to keep the cost down. Something I have considered is just getting Aviars for everyone. But, on the other hand, a variety of discs might be better because there will likely be a variety of starting ability levels.

It is my hope that, from playing this one round, perhaps some of the participants will develop an interest, and choose to become disc golfers themselves, and I will have more people to drag out for rounds. So, I am looking at this as an investment.

Here is my question: what disc mold(s) would you suggest for the group that I have described? If you have just one shot to spark their interest, what will you hand them?
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Tough indeed. My thoughts, partly influenced by experience, is that you want something not too fast and not too overstable. The first two that come to mind are D Buzzz or DX Leopard. The Leo might be better cuz they'll get a little bit of driver feel (new players tend to like that) and get some adequate distance reward even as form starts to click a tiny bit.

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What makes them different from any other newbs? They'll get best results with tried and true newb freindly molds, and better results still if they don't even touch drivers.

Putters: any fairly neutral putter should work.
Aviar or Magnet

Mids: can't go wrong with a Buzzz or Shark

Drivers: the "right" thing would be to stay away from drivers until they're throwing mids 250 or so... but everyone wants to throw faster discs. Go with the Leopard, and be done with it.

They'll be more inclined to come back for more if they get reasonably decent results and feel it's a challenge, but not a ridiculous one. Slower, neutral molds like what I've mentioned will get them better results.

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DX Aviar
DX Shark
DX Leopard

Or any company's starter pack

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Leopard, shark, stingray, Buzzz, Jade, diamond, Archer, and of course some putters Aviar pna. Or do some research and learn what understable means, so anything light (under 170) and understable

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Putters, Comets, Stratus
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I'll toss the dx polecat into the convo too. Thats my go to noob disc of choice. I have that and a skeeter that i borrow out.

If there ends up being some obnoxious dude there who thinks he is hot s***...give him a stego lol
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If you go with the Innova DX starter sets the players could switch discs during the round and would get to try out different molds. Plus it might save you a couple dollars, too.
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I've done a similar event, although with more athletic people, men and women. In my experience, straightisch mids worked the best. Weaker throwers gained more distance with mids than with putters. Strong throwers with bad form gained more distance with mids than with putters. One can putt with mids quite well, whereas putting with a Leopard is nothing I'd want to do. Multiple discs for each one was not necessary, but would have rather been overwhelming for such an event.

Hence, I'd go for Buzzz, Mako3, maybe original Truth, Compass (but I haven't thrown these) ... these type of discs. There are a lot of them. For many newer players, these discs are their workhorses. Thus, if some of the group continue to disc golf, they already have their probably most important disc for the first year.

Instead of getting the same disc for everyone, I'd rather order 5 Buzzzes, 5 Mako3s, 5 Thruths, ... to provide them a choice and a possibility to exchange discs between players if one doesn't feel it anymore. Also, they get a feeling that there exist different manufacturers. And last but not least: If you play with a group where everyone throws an identical disc, you have huge problems finding out which one belongs to whom. Thus, do order different colors! No two identical discs. It'll spare you some trouble. :-)

Weights won't matter too much. I'd pick from the lower 170s, but you can vary there as well, to provide a spectrum. In my case, they picked just whatever discs they liked optically. Some tried other discs because of feel in the hand, or when I suggested them to try a different one, because I had some rather overstable discs as well, which sucked for weaker throwers. Just: do provide them a spectrum of discs, because that is more fun for them ... and, as you all know from personal experience, for us too. ;-)

Please share your experiences with that event afterwards. I'm interested.

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