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Having a rough go this year with a bunch of metal hits. Two more this weekend off of front cage about 6" low. One with a fresh KC Aviar at Makoshika State Park in Glendive, MT and the other with a champ glow FB at Dalbey Memorial Park in Gillette, WY. Just gonna keep on running and they'll start stickin'.
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Been a while since this thread was bumped. Well here goes:

The short version:

Playing league last night at Pioneer Park in Billings, MT.
BH Roc hyzer on the short pin location of Hole 1.
Hit high in the chains then bounced off the top of the cage. Dang!

The long version:

Pioneer Park has brand new Discatcher Pro targets as of this year. (BIG thanks to Disc Golf Billings and the City of Billings for making that happen!) The first set of sleeves was installed in all of the long pin locations, so that's the layout that we've been playing all summer. The longs are some great holes, certainly with a fun variety of challenges and throw shapes. But, naturally, you also get a lot less ace runs. The ace pot has been building all year.

Within the past week, the short sleeves got installed and all the baskets moved to short locations. This was the first league night with all short pins...maybe ever? But certainly the first time this year. And there wasn't really any wind to speak of; everyone pretty much figured the ~$220 ace pot was due for harvest.

In my warm-ups I dinged the guardian light pole which is right in the BH hyzer line for Hole 1, so I knew I was in the neighborhood. I got flighted out to start on Hole 2, so getting around to Hole 1 was actually finishing our front 9. I was first on the box. Flat top color glow KC Roc. Line looked good all the way, but on that hyzer it's tough to judge if you've gotten the correct distance or not. I guess I hit too high in the chains to where it got pushed down onto the cage, but it certainly got all chain and didn't make contact with the top band. Basically slid down the outside of the chains to land level on the top rim of the cage. At that point I'd estimate it was a 50/50 proposition whether it would have dropped in or out. Tough to know if being 1", or even 1/2" farther inside would have changed the result.

The disc sat right by the basket for my easiest but least satisfying birdie of the evening. Adding insult to injury, there was a CTP prize on that hole but I didn't win it ... my missed ace came to rest 26.75 inches from the pole; the CTP winner landed 26 inches even. C'est la vie.

As an aside, this would have been my first backhand ace ever, and by far the slowest disc speed for me to get an ace with. It also would have been my 3rd ace with a TEAM STICKIN' PUTTS stamped disc, which would put me in rarified company.

Saw another guy chain out of Hole 3 while we were waiting on the tee of 4, but nobody got an ace to stick during the round. So the ace pot is still on the table! After we'd all finished, a few of the players were hanging around and we decided to do a quick CTP throw on Hole 1 for a dollar each. Buddy wound up acing it (pseudo cubby ace?) by taking the straight up the gut line with a putter.
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At North Las Vegas DGP and I slammed the chains on #5 gold with a beautiful flex shot from my Neutron Flare. Hits so hard it bounces back about 20ft.
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Played a short 12-hole course at lunch today and hit the cage off the tee TWICE! Both times on ~230’ holes with a Wizard.
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Been playing 2 years. 0 aces. Hit metal at least a dozen times, caught a significant amount of strongside chains 3 times, and yet nothing. Ooof.
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Skipped off the top of the basket in my own league. Would have won me over $250. Everybody knew it was in
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I had two in the same round about 2 week ago with my Elite X Comet. The first hole is dead straight with some guardian trees and trees that line the sides of the fairway. I usually throw a straight putter as the hole is only 185' but I've been having timing issues so I disced up for my US Comet and hyzerflipped it to flat and it stayed on the line staright to the basket. Hit weakside chains and about an inch more to the right would've stayed in.

The second hole is 275' with a gentle turn to the right with trees lining the fairway from the tee to the green. I reached for the same Comet and hyzerflipped it yet again but this time it had some turn, which matched the fairway exactly. It nicked a branch on it's way to the basket and ended up left of the pin, but had that branch not been there I would've hit the ace.

Worst part is that I shot my best round that day only to end up tied for the #1 tag in my league. Nothing like insult to injury right? I also missed the CTP by a foot to the guy I tied for the #1. Comets rule BTW.

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My last ace was September, 2017... I miss getting aces...
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Have been throwing roaches for about a week. Highland park in Saint Paul, hole 4 is a little 200 foot uphill shot with some danger around the basket and a drop off on the left side. Went jawbreaker roach off the front of the cage and then Ti roach skipped off the top of the basket on the funzo.
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Has anyone ever finally hit that long sought after ace, but had the misfortune to be playing alone with no witnesses? Here's a poem about a guy who did just that, and how he handled it.

The Unwitnessed Ace

He arrived at the course around daybreak.
Still cold out, but he didn't mind.
He hadn't played disc golf in over a week
and he needed some time to unwind.

He wanted to play for a bag tag,
but his buddies still hadn't shown.
So he practiced his putting for a minute or two,
then set out to play on his own.

This was his home course, the one he loved best.
He'd learned how to throw at this place.
For 25 years he'd mastered the lines,
but in all those years, never an ace!

He'd hit the pole often, once he even splashed chains.
It was the best shot that he'd ever thrown.
But he'd give his left nut for just one perfect throw.
An ace he could call his own.

His round started well with two pars and a birdie,
then birdie par birdie par par.
But hole 9's a par 4 with a long water carry.
It was his least favorite hole, by far.

The tee for hole 9 was on top of a hill.
And while hiking he made a great plan.
Shoot for par or for bogie or even a double,
but don't let this hole beat you again.

The view from the top was amazing,
house after house, then a small landing spot.
Then a great lake that guarded a basket so far
that it looked from the tee like a dot.

He sometimes threw short into someone's backyard,
with a fence and a dog, for God's sake.
But today he felt good and decided to aim
for that landing spot in front of the lake.

So he gave it his all and he hoped for the best,
as the disc ripped out of his hand.
He watched it fly over the houses
and he prayed it would end up on land.

But the wind caught the disc and it turned toward the lake
and he knew it was probably gone.
He thought of the extra stroke he would take,
And his throw from that awful drop zone.

But the disc flew like a bird in the wind,
then slowly began to fade right.
Could it actually carry the water?
He thought that possibly, just maybe, it might.

Then as if in a dream his disc dropped from the sky
and landed he thought on the green (what a thrill!).
But he soon knew the truth when the sound of the chains
made its way to the top of the hill.

He yelled and he shouted and he jumped up and down
cause he'd finally gotten his ace.
But when telling his buddies of the shot he had made
Would they believe him or laugh in his face?

He thought for a moment as a smile crossed his lips,
and he realized that they mattered not.
He'd made the ace of his dreams today
and he cared not what anyone else thought.

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