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Originally Posted by Armus Patheticus View Post
I don't know much about where Lyme is or isn't but I do know deer ticks from dog ticks and have been bitten often by both, including in Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Maine. Perhaps I should have been or have been infected by now, but I don't think so.

My point is not that Lyme isn't real or serious but that yanking the suckers off and maintaining a calm and accurate and reasonable awareness of risk and symptoms seems adequate. I don't care for overreaction.
There's a map for that:
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The worst is doing a thorough tick check and thinking you're good to go, then finding one crawling on the arm rest in your car two days later.

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Originally Posted by hiflyer View Post
Pretty sure youre not supposed to "yank" them off.
Good point. Apply moderate even pressure when pulling them out, like when you pinch some arm hair and tug it up, pull hard enough to have your skin lift a little bit but before it really hurts. I would grab a small plastic "tick spoon", it's a small (usually white) spoon with a slotted V at the end. You try to scoop under the body with the V part and then you lever the spoon backwards to apply pressure. The tick will get uncomfortable and back out/let go. It make take several minutes of pressure. Tweezers are an option but they can be so pointy they'll break the head off when you squeeze if you're not gentle enough.

DON'T try to burn their ass. DON'T try to drown them in liquid/smother them with Vaseline, etc. - if they can't breathe they're likely to puke, and it's what's in their stomach that will give you Lyme, so you're only increasing your chances.

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Important stuff here. If I am reviewing the facts correctly:

-deer ticks have the higher percentage of lyme carrying percentages of the tick species

-no real tell tale symptoms of initial infection. From people's stories all the symptoms initially seem so severe that one would likely go to the doctor and ask for a lyme test if they are privy to the fact that the disease is very easily contracted during the tick season
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This that needs more possums like disc golf courses
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I had Lyme disease a few years ago. Never did see the tick or the "bullseye" mark they sometimes leave. These are the symptoms I had: nagging headache behind the eyes; loss of appetite; joint stiffness and soreness; fever; bells palsy (facial paralysis). It took 8 weeks of antibiotics to get rid of it. I'm lucky I was diagnosed pretty quickly. Lot's of people have lifetime disabilities because of Lyme.
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Default Experience

I have been bitten several times by ticks; I got Lyme once. There does seem to be a lot of different things diagnosed as Lyme but what do I know about the blood tests? It was second on my list of worst medical problems experiences but now that I am older, it (or the memory of it) has slid down to fourth or fifth. I had a huge red circle on my back before any of the painful symptoms kicked in. I had about a week of hot/cold when I would sweat through my pajamas and bed sheets then start freezing (in wet clothes) so I dry off, dress up again in warm clothes and then an hour later sweat through those. No fun doing laundry every two days. I had headaches (though not severe) and cold-like symptoms for two weeks but once the meds kicked in, it started to clear up. Don't remember itchiness but it would have been minor compared to the other symptoms. I think I used Amoxycillin but the prescriptions change as they figure more out (and for your specific body chemistry) so whatever the doctor recommends is the way to go.

I also have found lots of ticks before they bit. They tend to take their time deciding where they want to go so you usually have time to find them before they attach. I have found them at home in the shower more than an hour after my woods experience. Also shake out your clothes as they can still be wandering around on them. I have never found any when I used Deep Woods Off (as unappealing as the odor is). I do a quick check anytime I go in undergrowth or have to duck under trees/bushes. Leave those Black Sabbath t-shirts at home - I wear light colors that make them easier to spot. When playing with others, I do a quick check of their back when they come back from going off fairway. Haven't found many recently but I hear they're still out there. I have found them after playing course in Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

They're not the terrifying reason to stay off disc golf courses as they are easily handled (if you take precautions). On the other hand, I don't wish Lyme on anyone. Weirdest tick find was in my ear. It felt scratchy and I poured alcohol in there and used a Q-Tip and fortunately it came out before any biting. Also the "yanking" technique is not good but the steady pressure technique is my way-to-go. After you isolate the tick they can be hard to kill - they don't crush easily (dropping a book on them doesn't work). I usually fins something pointed and apply pressure until they squash; then I flush them anyway.

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I was told when i was a child that there were translucent ticks and those were the ones that carried lyme. Scared the life out of me for years...

Edit: OMG look up Nymph Ticks....dammit...im ruined forever
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Originally Posted by Crooow View Post
After you isolate the tick they can be hard to kill - they don't crush easily (dropping a book on them doesn't work). I usually fins something pointed and apply pressure until they squash; then I flush them anyway.
Dropping ticks in rubbing alcohol kills them very quickly.

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Good tweezers are a good way to get them off. Just get as close to the head and your skin as you can, apply firm pressure, and pull it off. The key is not to squish or torture the tick in some way that causes it to vomit it's infectious stomach contents into you.

Other things like a tick spoon or tick key, etc. are helpful but you probably don't have one available at all times.

No matter how you slice it, at least half of Lyme cases don't have an identified tick bite. If you start having weird symptoms, see someone about it soon. And there are a number of antibiotics that work. One that is used frequently is doxycycline, mainly because it also treats all kinds of other possible tick-borne illnesses that aren't as bad but may have been in the same tick that had the Lyme.
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