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Originally Posted by EarthRocker View Post
Man. What's a "light bag?"

With right at 20 discs in an E2, loaded down with liquids, towels, Gold Bond Powder, smokes, beef jerky, golf ball, bottle opener, Band-Aids, aspirin...and probably some other stuff that gets taken out and thrown away once a year...

Well, anytime someone lifts mine in the act of being friendly/helpful, they invariably have to stop and re-grip it, and say, "Good Lort! Whaddaya got in here, bricks?!"

I am over-prepared. Besides which, I look at this game as a form of exercise, so the more I sweat the better I feel. I want pain in my calves! I enjoy an aching lower back after several hours toting that bad boy...

My Madame is a brand new Roc3 we got in the Club's pack when we signed up this year. It's very pretty, and I am loathe to scar it. Besides, I have two Warships and a Tursus that work nicely in its stead. Still, I am sorely tempted, often. See: very pretty.
I'm with you. I have a Grip A Series loaded up with: 23 discs, couple of towels, min, Disc Gator & tent poles, Golden Retriever + extra rope, tape, bug spray, maybe a couple other odds and ends.

I bag a few discs that don't see much action:
AR Sting - could take this out
Bliz Destroyer - working on beating this in
DX Thrasher - in there for risky water carries
Star Firebird - could take this out
ESP Drone - not coming out. Don't use it often but certain shots scream for this disc.
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That's funny must be cuz I quoted you again haha. I love that rant on why discs fly further beat...

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Originally Posted by LoPan12 View Post
Heyoooooo. Past few years have been spent mostly ball golfing, and then this recent season I had shoulder issues. Nice to be remembered though!

Also, sup Streets!

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Chiming in to say hey bud.

I suppose the disc for me is the Cobra? I LOVE rolling with them, but seldom throw BH rollers and often don't need to throw control approach FH rollers. Air shots get overlooked by the Comet or Buzzz, a beat DX TB, or powered up putter. IIRC BroD would say my Drone is pointless?

Came for the LoPan

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Originally Posted by LoPan12 View Post
Aka a disc in your bag that you never throw, but can't take out. One that you have to fumble part, think about throwing, but always go with something else? But you always think about throwing it, and you'd feel weired if you didn't think about throwing it.

Analogy brought to you by Brother Dave.
ESP XL 2008 Tournament stamp but it is a disc I only do use when more wind then my Z Stalker can handle, probably more wind then I should be throwing in more for my safety then anything. ESP XL as the same straight flight as the Z Stalker but the end dump is higher with ESP XL. I had an old Elite Z XL but the mold had more end turn and same end drop as ESP XL but the mold was old and flying slower due to wear on the disc. In 2018 I got the Z Stalker to replace the old disc. That Elite Z XL flew odd too like you had to account for the standard OS during the main part of flight due to the majority Z XL being more OS then the ESP XL. You had to do a S flex shot by slightly anyhyzering the Elite Z XL.

So yeah ESP XL is a disc I think about using if more wind or I need a bit more grip, my Z Stalkers including backups are all slightly flexible and have good amount of grip but the ESP has a bit more in some wet situations. I could now take out the ESP XL and not miss much in my bag

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Nope, I throw all my discs a lot. No Madame, just a bunch of Trixies.
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I have a q sentinel that just takes up space unless I don't want to risk a glow one.
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