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Default Missed ace commiseration thread

Ok, I didnt see a dedicated thread for this so I decided to post my latest one that occured earlier today. I will get my first prepubed if there is. oh well.

Today I was playing vista del camino in Scottsdale. It was on hole 8. I threw a beat in DX viking. It hit the inside of the basket but not the chains and popped out. I am still trying to get my first ace. This is the 3rd time on this hole that Ive either hit chains or basket, but no ace. This is the 6th time overall that Ive hit chains or basket with no ace. So close, yet so far.

Anyone else want to vent about the Ace that got away?
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I was playing Jellystone in Colorado over the summer, and it was my first time being out there. I was throwing onto hole 2, which is a blind shot, downhill, into a grove of trees that surrounds the basket. I threw my trusty XPress got it to come back nicely to the right, a little far, and then it came back left and I lost it in the trees. Maybe a second or two later I hear a clank as the disc hits the basket. I get down to where my disc is and figure it came back left far enough and skipped off the top of the basket. It was my first time ever hitting metal.

I had one that didn't hit metal but on two straight drives (on separate rounds) on hole 2 (apparently my lucky hole number) on my home course (WSC) that went right by the basket, at chain height, just a foot or 2 to the left on a straight line. I will ace that hole
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I have a hole at my home course, that I have black aced twice, but hit dead center chains 3 times from the correct pad, and spit out the back everytime
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Hole #11 at Black Bear Park. A 267' anny, downhill over a pond. I was with some buddies that I hardly play with anymore.

I was telling them how much I like throwing my Buzzz, and how I just got an ace with a different Buzzz the week before. Really getting into it. I threw, and NAILED the top of the cage with good force. The disc shot down to the ground and just sat there.

I really, really wanted it since I had just got done talking about my previous Buzzz ace. Ah well!
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I missed a tournament ace by 3 inches. My Pro Rhyno was coming in on a slight turnover, hit the pole just a little bit left of center and spit out left. People came running from the next teepad thinking I had aced oh:

More recently I played a round at Parmalee. I had 3 metal hits, and was 6 down through 13 holes. I saw a buddy and said my score out loud, proceeded to finish 1 down
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Good post.

Before I got my first ace, I was snake bitten many times. Similar to the OP's story, the worst time was hole 6 at Family of Christ Church in Ham Lake, MN. We played after work (two friends), and I throw my disc, it lands in the basket (no chains), does a complete 360, and jumps up and out. One guy (not a friend, kinda douchey) "didn't see it", but the other who is a good friend, just looked at me, I looked at him, and we shrugged our shoulders and walked up to our shots.
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I've hit metal five times from the tee:

1. Parma DGC - Tournament Hole # 1 - Champion Groove - Flick - Hit the chastity belt

2. Chili DGC - Hole # 13 - Champion Teebird - Backhand pure line - Smashed chains and spit out

3. Churchville Park - Old Layout Hole # 11 - Soft Wizard - Backhand hyzer line - Hit the basket

4. Ellison Park - Hole # 6 - Soft Wizard - Backhand hyzer line - Hit the pole

5. Sawyer Park - Hole # 5 - Z Predator - Flick - Hit the basket
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I have two aces (3 if you count one on an object course) and have at least 30 metal hits and many more real close calls. It is almost to the point that I only get riled up if it chains out. I want more aces soo bad, I just keep trying.

Two weekends ago I smashed a predator off the top of hole 3 at Lydle gulch. It is 250 with a good bit of elevation drop. One foot to the right and it would have at least smashed in the bucket and maybe stuck.

Last weekend I hit just under the basket on the pole on uphill hole 15 of the same course.

Maybe one day one of them will stick.
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Haven't aced yet, hit metal several times. The most memorable of these was hole 3 at Moraine, hit dead center chains, I started to throw my arms up in celebration (I was alone), only to see it somehow spit out. The person walking their dog on the road just gave me a weird look...
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I have one ace and it was a skip ace but if I remember correctly it may have been a cubby ace.
Near hits:
1. Hole#2 Lincoln ridge-Hit the top of the basket with my Surge SS- I really thought I had this one but it just hung up there a bit to long. At 360 it would have definitely been cool but not to be!!!

2. Hole#3 Williamsburg-Hit the pole below the basket, again with a Surge SS
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