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Originally Posted by tylerc View Post
hah thx..
lol I will figure it out tomorrow in the field
Pain is one thing, comfort is another.

Look for that inside rim to ensure nose down.
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Have you seen this:

And this:

From HERE?

If you haven't, I'm assuming you haven't read/seen the related articles either. Forgive my ignorance if you have but it was the very first thing that came to mind when I read your thread title+post. Instead of trying to describe everything myself I figured a link would be appropriate.

EDIT: Those pictures may look like hyzer and flat/anhyzer but upon release it is very much nose angle.

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When I play with new people and they have issues with nose angle it looks like to me they are trying to throw it up in order to add distance. Altitude does not equal distance. Think about throwing it out and not up.

When you have somewhat better control of nose angles, then you can start throwing higher lines to achieve more distance.
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Have your playing partners check your arm position during your throw & follow through to be sure it's not your arm angle. If you're going from low to high, that could cause a nose up flight.
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Originally Posted by Brodysseus View Post
Thumb position is more important. The closer your thumb is to the rim, the easier it is to get the nose down. (As a rule of thumb... Yes, yes I did.)
There was a thread about this a little while back. I thought just as you did, but then there was a guy who played with some of the pros that taught the exact opposite. Apparently some of the big arms also have their thumb on the flight plate when throwing for distance. The way he stated it was thumb pressure actually is the most important. (I personally feel like I keep the nose down better with my thumb close to the rim, but I'm also using a decent amount of pressure.)
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The right grip and the right wrist angle go a long way. Then, just start throwing the disc into the ground. Come up a little each time until it's just barely above the ground. When the disc never goes more than 10 feet off the ground you're getting there.
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