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If you're throwing distance drivers 320' I'd guess a DD will be a meathook. I don't have any experience with Swords but a fresh C-DD is real beefy for me at 375-400-ish
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Originally Posted by Eternal_Noob View Post
Hey everyone so I have a comparison/recommendation question regarding the sword!

First off, I'm a noodle arm! I can throw my fairway drivers (Tern, Seer, Hatchet, stuff like that) about 280, maybe a little over. My distance drivers (blizz Boss, champ Tern, Crank SS, etc.) 300 - 320 or a bit more on a good day. So I was looking into getting a driver that is pretty reliable and not to understable since my blizzard Boss is pretty well beat in since it was a hand me down, but its still not truly understable by any means, although i can get it to keep right if I snap the hell out of it and there's any kind of a descent breeze. I'm looking for something that's not a meat hook that I can shoot fairly straight with not a lot of turn and a descent fade, this let me to think about a 169g VIP Sword, or a DD Hysteria. I know westside/lat numbers tend to be more understable than advertised, so I was thinking the VIP plastic will make up for that. from what I gather these two discs are rated the same except +1 speed for the sword, but I am guessing that the DD hysteria is a lot truer to the numbers. But that westside glide is nothing to scoff at!! Since I'm not exactly a power arm I was thinking a VIP sword would be a good fit for this slot in my bag because the distance potential seems to be much higher with just +1 speed between these two discs. my 168 12x champ tern is a great disc, but the thinner rim isn't quite as comfortable for me to drive with as some slightly wider stuff. I dont have big hands, just like being able to get a good grip! Thoughts?!
The DD in general is a much more stable disc. In P-Line it might work for you if you beat it in. A VIP Sword might work better if you want premium.
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Originally Posted by BirdieMachine View Post
The DD in general is a much more stable disc. In P-Line it might work for you if you beat it in. A VIP Sword might work better if you want premium.
i dont much care about the plastic pother than the fact of how long itll take to beat in. My champ tern is a bit flippy for me if i release it flat, im looking for something i can throw flat and have it go fairly straight with minimal fade to the right, so if the DD is a meathook for someone with more power for me, it wounds like a VIP sword would be more into what im looking for, and beat into a slight high speed turn? I got my meathook spot filled with an FD3 I won from noodle arm disc golf! its a great disc! much more reliable than my TP stag which i love but has a bit of high speed turn surprisingly. I just love the way the stag feels in hand. Its beating into a mini boss haha
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I have small hands and Swords are extremely comfy for me to grip. A VIP Sword will probably fill this for you at first but as it breaks in it might flip more than you'd like depending on your power/penchant for OAT. I've had 160s VIP Swords that were surprisingly stable when new, thanks to the flashing. It's a finesse more than a grunt disc but they're easy to keep straight IME. They're not as all over the map as Kings are for example.
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I agree with what people have been saying and think it would do the job well at your power levels. However, if you do try it and decide you want to get just a notch more stability with a similar feel, I'd give a Trespass a try.
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