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Innova, the stuff that Discraft makes if it is a not white/off white disc then garbage. However best I have eve used was the Glow that Lighting made, I had a disc #2 driver that could be used for a whole round of 18 and then some and was green glow coming from an off white disc. I have not used other brands but I have seen used a Latitude 64 disc that was glow and it was nothing compared to the other glow discs I have seen.
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NiteIze led discs! Led's are already built in, so no change to the disc flight path!
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In forsaking the traditional glow route, I have bought some of the “fire” plastic from Viking that is their Storm with a little light case in the middle.

Works pretty well, you don’t have to charge it.

They fly better than the Nite Eyes ones but the light isn’t quite as good.
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I have an OLD Photon Glow Stratus, Wasp and Magnet. These things are supercharged. I think I heard they had to stop making this blend, because of an illegal substance in the plastic.

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Originally Posted by uncle pennybags View Post
NiteIze led discs! Led's are already built in, so no change to the disc flight path!
There's really not much change with 1g of light and battery taped to the bottom either, to be honest. It's hot here, we play a lot of glow all year long.

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Another vote for Kastaplast. That plastic damn near acts like a lantern.
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Originally Posted by xyman621 View Post
Anyone have success with Swirl ESP Glo? Got a Vulture in it, disc is great but the glow aspect is pretty pathetic. No problems with Z Glo.

Stability wise, is Trilogy less stable in moonshine? The XXX, River, and Saint Pro I've thrown in moonshine were all noticeable less stable.
Originally Posted by discerdoo View Post
Swirl ESP glo does not glow. My vote goes to Kastaplast.
I thought I got a dud, but after a long time under a powerful black light I did manage to get a faint glow out of my Swirl ESP Glo. Pretty lame to sell it as glow, but incredible feeling plastic with great colors.

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A few observations about Innova glow plastics:

Like all characteristics, Innova's glowyness varies wildly from run to run. Some seem packed with the glow additive, whereas others are much fainter.

It seems like new discs glow the best, and older runs often fade over the years. Leaving a glow disc out in the sun certainly doesn't do you any favors.

Generally, for glow champ, the best glowers are the opaque runs. It's no guarantee. However, clearer "glow" champ is basically never as glow-y as the good opaque runs, from what I've seen.

Color Glow Champ seems to always be opaque and always solidly glow-y. I have several molds/runs of CG champ and they have all glowed very well. So I would say, on average, the CG Champ is the best glowing plastic that Innova makes. Grip is also solid, slight flex is very nice, and they are very durable. Altogether this is one of my very favorite plastic blends for any conditions, especially the pink.

For the naturally opaque blends (DX Glow, KC Glo, JK Glo, etc.) it's even harder to tell which the studs from the duds. Sometimes you just have to get a flashlight and a dark room and see for yourself. I have found the JK Glow to be solid, but that's based on a sample size of 2 from the same run (CFR from late in 2017). Also, note on the KC CG: I have seen SEVERAL of these discs break cleanly in half for almost no reason. They glow OK, but seem to have quality/brittleness issues.

CG star is a new development this year (Philo Destroyers, not sure if there are others?)
I have one and it's OK, but not as good as any of the CG champ I've used.

IMHO, YMMV, etc.

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I always remembered my Glow Summit to have the best glow. I charged it and my Reko and I'm gonna say the Reko glows better. Part of the Vibram problem is they absorb dirt unlike normal plastic, takes a real good scrubbing to clean it where normal premium just needs rinsed with a firm wipe afterwards. Dirty glow doesn't glow well.

Also the Vibram stuff needs charged on both sides, you can just charge one side of the clear glow discs and they charge goes all the way through.

Even after a thorough cleaning the Vibram wasn't any brighter than the Reko, but if I flipped them over the Reko was way brighter (it is just as bright both sides) because I only bothered to charge them from one side.
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Originally Posted by rafae1 View Post
Another vote for Kastaplast. That plastic damn near acts like a lantern.
+1. Kastaplast is glow king
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